Pact for musicians


My name is Kevin I’m 23 years old, I’m a young rapper from Miami. I don’t know nothing about magic or invocation but my friend do and he told me that i can make pact with demons,
so they can help me with my goal. (become famous)
I watched a lot of video about magic and demons but I’m really confused

I would like to know what I have to do exactly !


  1. Summon a spirit.

  2. Communicate with that spirit, and see if they are agreeable to a pact.

  3. If the spirit is agreeable, come to terms as to what you expect from the spirit, and what you will give in return (get any ideas of selling your soul out of your head. As previously stated in your first post, that is Hollywood bullshit).

  4. Write up the pact, including everything discussed previously with the spirit, and sign it, placing a drop of blood after your signature.

  5. Summon the spirit again, and read out the pact, confirming the spirit’s agreement with the terms. If there are no problems, have the spirit place their astral signature on the paper (you can trace over it before it fades if you want a physical representation of the spirit’s signature).

  6. Put the pact somewhere safe.


Thanks but wich demon i have to Summon for this type of pact

Do some research. Use the forum’s search function or Google.

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Ight ok
Thanks you ! You’re really helping me now