Pact breaking

If you make a pact with an impostor spirit can you break it? And if so how? I already specified that the pact can be broken if one or the other want to break it.

Yes, the pact is null and void as it was made under false pretences for one, and the impostor is unlikely to be able to fulfil the pact for another. “Fraud vitiates everything.”

(“Vitiates” in a legal context means negates, quashes, annuls, invalidates, revokes and abrogates.)


Okay thanks i will see what i can do.

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I used to make affirmations and seems to work. I say something like ''I now break any links, energy links and pacts I did with you ‘’.

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Yeah that doesn’t work for me it seems.

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At times, the affirmation wasn’t direct enough or strong enough. When I say ‘‘I break’’ etc, I also demand, and my verbal tongue is ‘‘razor sharp’’ in this affirmation. To fully resonate into an inside rage if have to.

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Depends on the pact itself and the wording and actions into it. Sometimes it does not matter if it was with an impostor in fact most of the time it likely does not matter the specific wording does. Did you say in the pact that it was with x entity of specific name or did you merely assume and not state the name in the pact? Though if you did put the clause that you can break it if you want then you simply don’t have to abide by the pact and the clauses contained. You can ignore it, now if you sealed it with blood or something stupid then while the pact might be null and void, you gave the entity a direct link to yourself regardless in that material.

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With deities, I ask them respectfully, “please release me from the pact we made.” They always do.
I thought I should just mention that here for others’ sake.

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I stated the entity that i wanted to make that pact with. As it turns out another spirit somehow messed up with the pact a bit. The entity accepted the pact but the impostor interfered while the pact was taking place. Also yeah it was a blood pact.

Sorry for the late response btw.

Which spirit was it impersonating? Some spirits don’t take kindly of imposters taking from their racket so to speak. Some might not care and use imposters to test the skill of a practitioner. It should be known you are displeased with this imposter and banish it accordingly.