Overexposure to extracorporeal intelligence

I’m sure a lot of people on this site have dealt with possession and “walk ins”.

Some of you probably have some regulars stop by, and some of you have probably been telepathic with a spirit for so long that you don’t know where the spirit ends and you begin.

This is a vague-post on my part, but I’m sure there’s some out there with more brass to share their experience.

Let 'er rip, BALG Forum!

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Two personalities= \ =two souls though :thinking:

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if you read more he said one other soul. it is a good thread if you want to read it all

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It’s pretty good so far! I’ll have to revisit it!

I love this place.

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Sometimes, during possession, you get moments of dissociation.


This is actually my goal but i don’t know how to do it

You want another being to inhabit your body with you but it doesn’t really do anything for you.


I wish it could incarnate in this body

It would still do nothing for you as you would still be the prime owner of that body unless you die and no longer part of it. Near death experiences are points where the bond to the owner and their body is weakened to a point they can stay gone or not.

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I am working on this to try and have one. then aameinial can go in


It says souls uicide, but im trying not to hurt my soul. i just think it was inaccurate phrasing

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It’s less lonely.
It connects you to that being through its various states. Flashes of places. The communication of heavy shit with primordial human imagery.

The Great, Wacky Out There
does that left field thing.

Vidi vivid, O my Brother
Vidi vivid

Just say “maybe” to space drugs

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I never stop being impressed by how terrifying necromancy can get lol

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It is a meditation for getting an NDE, if you choose to come back. if you don’t go back to the body then you have a real death experience

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It would be better if i could just share my body with the other soul, but I don’t know how

That sounds like a wicked intense meditation.

I wonder how I’ll feel about it during graveyard season.

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What is graveyard season?

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When the snow is gone, and the grass is dry enough not to leave a big spot on the ass of your pants.


Less lonely can easily make friends externally lol it’s like what some teens do, get in relationships due to loneliness and it becomes toxic real quick lol.