Walkins, and soul braids

I identify as a soul-braided walkin in the physical body. Meaning there is literally and always has been two completely seperate personalities within me. I am curious if there are others on these forums whom also identify as a walkin or soul braid. I have been able to only find basic info on the topic and feel the need to reach out to anyone with more info on this topic, or anyone who is also looking for info on this topic of intertwined or replaced souls. I read that a replaced soul is common and a braided soul is rare. Does anyone identify or know someone who idenifies as this?

I was part of a cluster for about 30 years. I was freed finally from the others last year. I am still in recovering and finding what are my own feelings and emotions.

Its weird to have so much free space in my own mind and it as been so quite. I didn’t know what loneliness felt like until I hit 38 when they finally was leaving me for good.

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A cluster? Woah I thought just one other soul was tough, difficult to remain balanced, especially under high stress. Ill go from completely empathetic to completely apathetic in a split second. Were you able to maintain balance with all that going on? If so that had to take a lot of work. Its so strange, ive never met anyone else whos experienced this that I know of.


Well, its not been easy thats for sure. I was mainly there to make sure we did not go off the deep end. Its been a relief for them to be gone. They are off living their own lives now.

I am the last of them and here to stay until the lights go off. I can focus on my research finally and I am still finding what I like on my own.

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I saw this when you first posted it, but I think that was when I was temporarily banned so I couldn’t respond at the time.

I consider myself a soul braid, but spirituality is the easiest thing in the world to me, so I experience all the terms people use as slang for one thing. My usage of terminology is often too loose for people who take this stuff really seriously.