Our new anthem (one of many)

“…the OP itself is not directly about party politics or identity politics, but replies may lean that way…”

Therefore because of “a rule introduced in September by the forum owners against political activist-style magickal topics & working groups” I guess this topic must be banned.

P.s. Could help myself.

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Well let’s see what Lady_Eva has to say about it.

Lady_Eva if you are reading this I will concede to your judgment and your judgment only.

P. S. Because I can.

taken from general discussion,

Adressed the request from uncle Al.




Fair enough.

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Oh, well, I think I’d pick something else.
The trouble with all that defiance and pleading is, it admits there’s something oppressing you. Fits that Jovi is a recovering Catholic I suppose.


Speaking for myself as someone who is awake and sees things in the world as they truly are defiance yes, there is no pleading because I make my own world and you can’t oppress me because I won’t give them the satisfaction.

Political correctness is completely out of control. But as a said I’ll wait for Lady_Eva console.

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I’m confused. How is a music video, of a song that is about taking control and responsibility for your life, political?

Al quoted Eva from a completely different thread, that was about drug legalization and social activism, which is potentially political, and he did it sarcastically, which he is wont to do.

There is no way this thread is even in the same neighborhood.


Thank you. And I’ll say it again political correctness completely out of control.


I don’t know what you feel about this, so I wasn’t trying to speak for you.

By ‘pleading’, I’m referring to the line

“I just wanna live while I’m alive”.

It’s in the use of “just”. Psychologically, it shows weakness. Whoever he’s talking to, he’s trying to make his request sound less of a big thing to ask for, which implies they could deny it, and he’s looking for ways to persuade them.

Yeah I don’t see how this is political either.


Oh OK.

All topics are now banned and exist in a state of quantum uncertainty, depending on whether or not it rains. :stuck_out_tongue:

This topic is fine but thanks to all who are watching out for the forum. And @Uncle-Al would be getting a spanking, but the long flight makes my hair frizzy.


I’m not sure I agree with this assessment. To me, using the word “just” in this context is simply a way to emphasize the statement. For example, “Why do you act like this?” “I just want to live while I am alive.” The use of the word “just” emphasizes the reasoning behind his choices, not an attempt to minimize anything.

Thank you Lady_Eva.


Thank you for your investigation, Lady Eva.

Hail Kek.



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Why did this comment suddenly give me the impression that a few of the male members of the forum just felt a collective twinge of jealousy? :rofl::rofl:


Cold pale English hands cracking down across their collective butt cheeks… :high_heel:

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This will never get old :rofl::rofl::rofl: