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Orthodox Magick + Advanced Magic + Christian Mysticism

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  • Orthodox Magic + or + Christian Mysticism +




What is Orthodox Magic? In order to understand this science of sciences one must first understand the nature of the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church is the Church of the disciples and apostles of Christ, the ancient Church, the Church of the East.

However it has been known as the Church that is the East of the West and the West of the East, because it contains elements of both cultures, teachings, and traditions. It is Christianity in its purest form, the Original teachings and practices of Jesus Christ.

The Orthodox Church has a Theology that takes a different emphasis than the Western churches. Rather than saying that Christ died on the cross to appease the Father’s wrath, or that He paid the Price for our sins on it, the Orthodox look at the Mystery of Salvation with a mystical emphasis that by His sufferings and death and resurrection from the dead, He transformed death into Eternal Youth, reopened the Way to the Kingdom for all creation, and provided us with a way through the sufferings and turmoil of this fallen world. And through His Ascension into Heaven, He raised up human nature, and all creation, to the Father, the Source, and thus sanctifying the whole universe by the Grace of His Spirit. He revealed the Eternal Love of the Father, who pours out His love on us freely, every moment of our lives. It is His ultimate revelation of Himself to the world.

Now Orthodox Magic takes everything from all forms of magic, sorcery, and alchemy and fulfills and balances the light and dark forces within them with the Orthodox Faith: its teachings, practices, and divine worship.

For example, if I wanted to do a banishing ritual, I could devise a Banishing Ritual of the Nine Crosses, in reference to the nine days St. Maura was crucified for; or for the nine orders of the Angels and the nine Demonic Gatekeepers (excluding the tenth for consistency). I could open it up with a short one-line prayer to St. Maura: St. Maura, pray to God for us! Or I could construct a longer prayer to her, but even the simple prayer has enough power if it is prayed with faith.

Next I could establish a ring of flame, and a purity ring for protecting and sanctifying the space around me (If you were doing another ritual you could leave a small channel open in the rings in any direction to allow the spirits you want to come in and the ones you want to get rid of to escape. You can materialize this by opening a window or door in your temple). The prayer I like to use for the rings is:

A ring of Flame I form to protect against any violent storm

A ring of Purity spinning round and round, a ring tightly bound

Encompass me (us) about O Lord with Thine Archangels of Power (of Peace, of the Night)

After this I would call the four elements in order to strengthen my spiritual powers:

Spirits of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire combine; gather Thine energies and make them mine

I could say this a few times, making the sign of the cross, until I felt connected to the elements.

Then I would invoke the Triune Godform, tweaking the names to fit the desired outcome of the ritual, and call upon the Power of the Cross, believing that its Power is a two-edged Sword in the face of your internal enemies:

[And anywhere you see a “+” you make the sign of the Cross, any way you know how]

  • In the Name of the Father Almighty, the Avenger, and the Spirit of Darkness

At this point, you can dip the Cross in some consecrated water and sprinkle it in various place of your temple, with the words:

  • By the Power of the Life-giving and All-Sanctifying Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ I banish and cleanse this temple from all defilement, pollutions, and curses laid on me (us) and upon it

Next I would recite passages from the Psalms of King David as follows:

  • Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered, and let those that hate Him flee from before His face

  • As smoke vanishes so let them vanish, as wax melts before the fire, so let the demons perish in the presence of God [by “demons” I’m referring to malignant spirits and forces. You can use a different name for them if you wish]

  • Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered, and let those that hate Him flee from before His face

  • Rescue me from mine enemies, O God, and from them that rise up against me redeem me

  • From men of blood and war do Thou save me

  • Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered, and let those that hate Him flee from before His face

Finally, I would end the ritual by glorifying the Triune Godform

  • Glory to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit forevermore

And then of course, either "Amen"or “Sobeit” thrice

Sobeit, Sobeit, Sobeit

That’s pretty much it for a simple banishing ritual. You could add to it too and tweak it to heal demonic possessions and whatnot. I like to always carry a black and gold cross with me in my pocket to use as a tool or weapon in case I need to banish something out of me or someone.

Feel free to comment and tweak it as much as you like. I don’t require you to credit me for any of it. Most of its from King David anyways lol.

“Love God above all, and thy neighbor as thyself. In this rests all the law and the prophets”



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