Oriens - anyone experienced with that spirit?

Hi guys,

I have recently worked with Oriens, got some unexpected results I want to share but before that I wanted to know if someone actually has worked with that spirit

Much blessings


Yes, saw some Oriens synchronicities today

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Have you worked with Oriens before?

Yes, to overcome feelings of poverty and resentment

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“Feelings of Poverty”? Did you actually make more money?
What actually happened in your experiences?

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I did for whole two months a daily prayer session to Orias. It has strenghtened my will and being overall more of an resilient person how i used to be. It definetly strenghten me there, and also my sexapeal ocassionaly and vampirism. I mention here i dont know if it is apropriate but oriens and orias are similar but not identical i am sure they are different entitys. Just take it as this would be a motivation for someone working with Orias in these mentioned regards and benefits. I wrote bc i thought ive read Orias or Oriax on the titel or somethin well will not delete it allready put my work in🤷🏻‍♂️

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I called Oriens to remove anything in regards of my finances. Here’s what happened: the next day after calling the spirit, an influencer who had my product reached out to me to tell me that she posted it. Initially she said she would post it in July because she had other stuff going on but somehow she posted it earlier. Now comes the not so good aspect of it: She posted it along with other products and my product got the attention at the end. I’m gonna be honest, I suspected she would do something like this as she did not get paid besides the free products. Also she messaged me before worrying if I’m really the designer as it looks extremely professional, which I am. At this point I knew it wouldn’t be easy.
What Oriens did is that he brought the results earlier for me to see that I can’t rely on her and I better do something else instead of wasting time.
I mean I do believe over time a few more sales could come in from her video but it wasn’t like I hoped it would be.

Then the next day I called Oriens again. What happened then was that this guy from a company declined me for a freelance job, even though he said that the application would take time and I should wait.
Again, Oriens cut the time so I get earlier results and see what is not for me.
Btw I didn’t really want that job.

I was just curious if anyone else experienced this time manipulation from Oriens


Well I don’t know about this one! But I think Oriens is a different spirit than Orias
But still thank you for sharing your story :sparkles:

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How can I work with this Spirit?

The Oriens pathworking is in Theodore Rose’s Lucifer and hidden demons.

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