Orias, Paimon, Seer, Amducias?

it seems i have gotten my ex to reconcile by a request i made previously. i asked her to dinner to which she said she can’t this week. i told her i would check in with her next week. i want her to come to my place for dinner. i have a rough idea of the requests i would make for each spirit. i also think i have them in the most appropriate order:


___ is determined to have dinner with me


___ is easily influenced by my offer to come into my home for dinner


___ is quick to accept my to come into my home for dinner


___ has no choice but to come into my home for dinner

i want to start working on this right away. i need any suggestions on the timeframe to call, on the order in which i call them etc.

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My patron deity is amduscias

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i have seen you’re posts about him, i invoked him only last night and deff had a hangover this morning

Amducias has recently, like, this week recently approached me and I’m finding him to be a wonderful entity total to, very enthusiastic to help people.

@sleightofhand666 I don’t think it matters on the order. Why not try calling all 4 in one ritual and make them into a working group? Make Paimon the project manager he’s good at communication. :slight_smile:


Try Amon for reconciliation, works very well. Or Dantalion to change her thoughts.

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