Orias aka Osiris

After 30 years of a wiped out L 4-5, not many years ago- I doubted I would be alive today my health was so poor. For awhile hanging on till sundown was big doins for me. Then I was sent to a pain clinic Under Duress, thinking when I walked out it was surely suicide by the end of the month
The amount of pills I was on was crazy. But thanks to the miracle of
Methadone !!! I am seriously expecting to add 30 more to my 53.
But I am having some issues with some aspects, and found a small blurb which said Orias, was kinda the 'Demon Trainer" if one needed help. but I have been able to find little to nothing else.
Anyone have a handle on Orias aka Osiris? Enns, any special ritual or anything. If I could gain abit more muscle mass and strength- it would really help my Diabesity. As well as a future final showdown with a particularly evil person when we meet should my execration work fail.
Made it under 196 today- I have 190-195 as my goal weight.

I don’t know anything about him, but one thing I have heard a lot about is the way the most powerful spirit in your personal pantheon can help you gain muscle without even moving out the chair - I’m not bullshitting, look at this stuff, it’s mind-blowing:

[b]Visualization and Muscle Strength[/b] [i]Can you think yourself strong?[/i]

Now research is suggesting that visualization can actually strengthen muscles. Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio investigated the strength benefits of imagining exercising a muscle. They reported that just thinking about exercise helped maintain muscle strength in a group of subjects.

They split 30 healthy young adults into 3 groups. For 15 minutes a day, five days a week for 12 week, Group #1 imagined exercising their little finger muscle. Group #2 imagined exercising their biceps muscle and Group #3 acted as a control group and did no imaginary exercise. Those in the first two groups were asked to think as strongly as they could about moving the muscle being tested, to make the imaginary movement as real as possible. The researchers measured muscle strength before, during and after the training sessions.

Group #1 (the finger exercisers) increased their strength 53 percent, wand Group #2 (the biceps group) increased strength by 13.4 percent.

Sounds unbelievable, but consider that measurements of the brain activity during visualization sessions suggest that these strength gains were due to improvements in the brain’s ability to signal muscle activity. Suddenly the benefit of visualization is clear.

Source: http://sportsmedicine.about.com/od/sportspsychology/a/thinkstrong.htm

And there’s a lot more like that online, if you have a quick search - so yes, Orias sounds great, but don’t rule out involving the god of your creation (aka YOU!) in this as well. :slight_smile:


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Here’s some nice info on him and his sigil :slight_smile:

Make people do anything you want - Manipulation Layered Spell

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