Orgonite and Radionics Reference guide

I fell down the techno rabbit hole. I saw the rabbit and started chasing it. Just when I was reaching to grab it, it multiplied. And I was chasing 6 or 7 rabbits. After reading websites and online books and books from the store my brain is almost fried.

This topic is a place to collect info about orgonite and radionics. If anyone wants to add their own info, feel free.

Between the year 1890 and 1930 scientists were discovering a lot of new things. Whenever a thing was discovered three groups of scientists would study it.

  1. the first would try to find out the properties and limits of the thing.
  2. the second would try to figure out how Wall St could make money off of it.
  3. the third wanted to know if the thing could be used for health care.

In the US doing research is ok only if you are not interfering with science’s preconceived notion of reality or if you are not interferring with someone’s profits. Very serious business, you can be thrown in asylum, put in prison, have your lab burned to the ground, or even killed. Although the powers that be tried to shut down many researchers in USA, some of their work was saved by the people or their papers being sent to Europe. Every possible piece of information connected orgone and radionics came from scientists that had their lives destroyed in USA, but has been handed down to us by way of a detour through Europe.

Orgone is an energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich. Reich a psychology student of Freud was as familiar with physical science as he was with the brain. After graduating and becoming a clinical psychologist he noticed there seemed to be a relationship between the emotions of his patients with their physical energy.

He wanted to conduct some energy experiments so he went to the life science section of the university to ask for a sample of amoebas. They looked at him like he was stupid telling him they dont keep them. “Why the hell not?” Because anyone can grow them. Put moss and grass in a jar of water and in a few weeks you will have all the amoebas that you want.

Apparently Wilhelm was the first person to be curious to find out how grass turned into amoebas. Instead of leaving the jar sitting he was looking at stuff with the microscope every day. The grass slowly breaks down until all that is left is tiny blue green pieces he called bions. The bions do nothing for several days. Afterwards they start clumping and become an amoeba (a scientifically documented proof of life coming from something dead… even if it is completely sterilized the amoebas come to life). The bions were obviously getting life energy from somewhere, but from where?

Not knowing what this energy was or where it was coming from his first medical experiments were done by putting bions directly on the subject. By putting them in a dark room he observed the bions had a blue glow just like a nuclear reactor [ the energy of many common things can be observed in the dark. You must sit in a dark room and allow your eye to adjust for a minimum of 20minutes before looking at them. magnets and orgonite included]

After his first experiments he discovered that he could collect this same energy from the air… and we’re off to the races [we are off to the races. Reich was put on the naughty list by AMA and FDA]

Orgonite - a device that attracts orgone energy and transmutes negative orgone (oranur) into positive orgone and releases it back in the room

Orgone accumulator - a device that captures and stores orgone energy. An acculumator does not distinguish between positive or negative energy so care must be taken when and where it is used. Orgone is most abundant on a bright sunny day, and least abundant on a cloudy or rainy day. [An orgone accumulator should never be used within 30 miles of a nuclear reactor, within 5 miles of a trans-continental power line, ??? from a cell phone tower, or ??? from a microwave transmitter]

Original orgone accumulator - a box with an interior big enough for someone to sit on a chair inside. The outside is covered with layers of cotton and straps of steel wool. The fibers of cotton or steel should not be compressed but layered loosly. Layers can be separated by beeswax. If beeswax is used the outside layer should be covered with shellac (originally shellac was a chemical made by insects) And a protective layer of plywood outside of everything. Benefits increase up to about 10 layers. More than 10 layers increases cost without increasing benefit. Orgone energy has limitations. It should only be used for patients that are deficient. Reich made a list of illnesses that he thought were cause by overcharge of orgone energy (Obviously charging someone that is already overcharged will make their problem worse)

Original orgonite- iron shavings and dust in resin (although resin is 100% man-made, it is organic because it has carbon it it)

Modern orgonite - The first orgonite was made more than 80 years ago. People have had many ideas since then. You can stick with 80 year old tech or you can be part of the people experimenting with new ideas. There are things that you can put in orgonite for positive effect as well as things you can do for negative effect. The list of negatives is shorter so I will start with those.

Aluminum - this metal is a great attractor to negative orgone. It should never be used for “healthy orgonite” or a “healthy radionics machine”. If you are living in a house with aluminum siding or aluminum studs, you are living in a place as unhealthy as living next to the cell phone tower… somebody has to live there, but it doesn’t have to be you.

Copper - I do not know the exact reason but copper should never be used in any “healthy orgonite” or “healthy radionics” machine

pyramids - Sad Ghuru says pyramids are for the dead, not the living. Dr James DeMeo has documented the negative health effect of pyramid shaped devices. pyramids and tetrahedrons accumulate negative energy ( the best shapes for healthy energy are cubic block, rectangular block, and cylinder)

mixed energies - when crystals with conflicting energies are locked together in orgonite they can create a bizarre energy that can make every one in the house sick.

People are experimenting in making orgonite for specific purpose that is not the original. Making orgonite with one kind of crystal gives you the concentrated energy of that crystal. Mixing crystals or other materials gives you all of those energies forced together in the same space.

Lemurian crystal - some people think that lemurian quartz is a left over technology from Atlantis or some other ancient civilization. They all appear to have more energy than other kinds of quartz. It used to be that these crystals could be distinguished from others by natural etching on the sides. Unfortunately in the last several years the miners have been polishing off the etch marks to make them look nicer when they are sold. It is always better to be able to walk into a store and hold the crystal in your hands before you buy it, but here is an online store that sells them Lemurian Seed Crystals

Quartz crystal - I’m guessing that I don’t need to explain quartz. Magicians all use it for something. and all kinds of quartz work. clear quartz, smoky quartz, pink quartz (rose), purple quartz(amethyst). However quartz in a piece of resin is taking things to another level because quartz is a piezoelectric material.

Piezoelectric material - a material that vibrates when exposed to electricity. It also creates electricity if it is vibrated or put under pressure (resin). Piezo-electric material makes possibe phonograph recording, microphones, high voltage transformers, sonar, sensors in your car, ultrasound just to name a few. When you put quartz in resin you can make real electric devices ( I will be adding to this soon). Quartz is not the only piezoelectric material. To try to make a complete list is a waste of time. Wall St scientists are constantly trying to make new ones for specific applications. Besides all the ceramic and plastic piezo-electric materials that have been created, there are several natural materials. I don’t know if this list is complete, but its a list of piezoelectric crystals.

anchi crystal and maifan stone - anchi crystal has been used for healing outside of US for a long time. This particular vendor is expensive. If anybody knows a better place feel free to add it on. Maifan stone used for purifying water can be gotten on amazon ( for whatever reason it seems easier to google maifan and follow the amazon link than searching on amazon itself)

obsidian, hematite, magnetite - are used for grounding the energies of other crystals. (obsidian is not piezoelectric)

fluorite - the word fluoresence is derived from the word flourite. It lights up with a black light. Flourite from a specific place in China is phosphoresent. flourite is electro-luminescent, chemo-luminescent and thermo-luminescent. After reading about all this stuff and frying my brain on excited states and resting states of electrons I cant say if flourite is piezo-electric or not. how many watts of a black light? - flourite is supposed to transmute negative energy to positive, but if it glows in a black light it might be fun to add just for the cool factor.

tesla purple energy plate - tesla 1856-1943 inventor, researcher, experimenter and perfector of many electrical concepts that we use everyday was researching energy for medical use. Tesla saw how other scientists were treated tried to keep his research on the down-low. Just a few years before he died he gave his notebooks on this subject to one of his students with the following statement: If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration His student spent almost 30 years studying using Tesla’s notebook as a guide. When his student Ralph Berstresser released his device he did not patent it. The device itself is supposed to be a piece of aluminum sheet metal with some kind of treatment and purple dye. ( This conflicts with what Reich and DeMeo say, but Bestresser never said anything about using it in orgonite… that is me brain asking if you would be making positive or negative orgonite)

tensor ring - after reading about tensor rings I am not sure that claims made about them dont work, but I do have to argue about their math being all wrong. none of the cubit lengths match up with the frequencies given. And the frequencies dont match with the cubits. (I was going to do the math, but I guess I will add it on to the topic later). I wonder what happens if you replace a tensor ring with a single-wrapped rodin coil.

miniature Lakhovsky antenna - the original device made by Lakhovsky was a chair with 3-4ft antennas on both sides,but you can get miniatures everywhere[ George Lakhovsky another scientist destroyed by USA]

resin - Rife? says not to use polyester resin. Use only acrylic. Reason for this was not given ( if you look up acrylic resin, every search goes to epoxy resin) I am assuming they are the same.

In addition to all the things you can put into orgonite, there are the things you can put orgonite into such as radionics machines (history of radionics and a basic design)

The radionics machine was created by Albert Abrams [another scientist destroyed by USA] Although Nicola Tesla and Albert Eistein may have contributed to the concepts to get to the next step, it was Royal Rife that brought it to the level that we know it today. Rife offended science by saying a bacteria can mutate into a virus and a virus can mutate into a bacteria. He also said that cancer was caused by a virus. Maybe it sounds crazy but his success rate with his devices was greater than the quack science called chemotherapy. Rife was rewarded by FDA throwing him in prison on false charges. He died in prison while awaiting trial. After his death the court in charge of his case ordered a book-burning for everything related to Rife.

Here is an article decribing use of a radionics machine.

For those of you that got a fat wallet, you can buy a radionics machine that works with rife rates ready to go out of the box. For those of you that have a skinny wallet, the link for the user’s manual has a lot of info in it. KRT Radionic Accessories

The rules for orgonite go double for a radionics machine.

No copper, no aluminum for a “healthy radionics machine”. If you’re trying to make a baneful machine … the closer you are to a nuclear reactor the better, the more aluminum you use even better, funky orgonite and copper makes the icing on the cake.

For people that question if radionics works, you should think about this. The first portable radio was made before there was any such thing as 9V, AA, or AAA batteries. They didn’t have any kind of battery. All of the power for the headphones came from the signal.

Orgonite can also be used to add energy to water. Because of the amount of time involved it is best to make a shape that a glass container can be put in or as a plate to set the container on top [FDA states that epoxy is safe for food prep ( short time, but it is not safe for food storage ( long time)] In radionics copying the energy of a reagent to a vial of water is a commonly used procedure. This is another method of adding energy to water; mostly for drinking. If you have some orgonite made for baneful magic setting around, you better not mix it up with your orgonite for energized drinking water.

For anyone that wants to get brain-fryed, you can read all of these books.

How to make the world’s best orgonite by Thomas Eidsaa - this guy uses a ball-mill to pulverize his crystals (crystals that are bigger than dust will sink before the resin sets) when grinding crystals only one kind of crystal should be in the ball mill at at time (just like grinding fireworks). When grinding 2 different crystals that can react with each other you can make a fire or explosion. grind first mix after. Many crystals have poisonous chemicals in them. The amount you get in your body from holding a crystal in your hands is small. When ground to a powder a dangerous amount can get in your lungs. grinding should be done outside and all work must be done with a particulate mask

How to build an electronic witness well for radionics by Peter V Radatti - new builders are making radionics machines that can be hooked up to a computer. This book tells how to make a multi-reagent witness using a betar coil and a usb thumbdrive.

Dancing with water by MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans - water from the faucet has all the energy taken out of it. Water from a river or stream has an abundance of life-energy in it. Explains many ways to add energy to water (as well as trying to sell their products) Water put in the sun can be cleansed, but after just a few hours all of its life-energy will be destroyed. Water must set in the dark with minerals for long periods of time to collect energy ( water is collecting orgone energy, but by a different name)

Health through oscillations and waves by George Lakhovsky - early experiment with radio waves.

The miracle of Tesla’s purple energy plates by Tim Swartz and Tim Beckley - the history of creation of the purple energy plate with testimonials. The book does not say how the plates are made except hinting that they are anodized aluminum with purple dye

The orgone accumulator handbook by James DeMeo - the history of Wilhelm Reich building the orgone accumulator. directions on how to build an accumulator and his own experience using it. (negative results from pyramid shaped orgonite) DeMeo conducted experiments to determine orgone’s effect on EMF. orgone energy can not fix problems with EMF. If you have a problem with EMF the best thing for you to do is move. Somebody has to live next to the microwave relay; somebody has to live next to the cell phone tower; somebody has to live next to the power line, but it doesn’t have to be you.

Gem water by Michael Gienger and Joachim Goebel - a little book that explains how to add energies of crystals to water. Many crystals are poisonous. The best way to add the spiritual energy of crystals to water is to have the water in a glass or quartz container with the crystals outside the container

Radionics Machines and how to build them by Hermes Trimegistus - This book has a bunch of case studies by Edgar Cayce hypnotizing people to get information about good usage of a radionics machine. There is a diagram of a design for a radionics machine, but the drawing is horrible. And the photos look like copies of copies. I will have to redraw it to make it clear enough to see.

The Secret of Life by George Lakhovsky - the last book written by George. I havent read it yet, but skimming through it George sees a cell as having thousands of little electric circuits inside them. each with a different frequency of vibration in them.

The radionic reagent book by Daniel Magnum - a little book with some homemade reagents using letters and symbols

Energy healing numbers: Radionics master rate catalogue by Selrahc Oelc - accumulation of work by many healers. The rates for healing with a radionics machine

Albert Abrams the medical doctor that invented the radionics machine has written several books which may or may not be related: “Spondylotherapy”, “New Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment”, “The electronic reaction of Abrams”, "Diseases of the heart: their Diagonosis and Treatment


What an excellent write up @danlBoone ! So much information apparently lost and now starting to be recovered

@Raven_fire ?

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@danlBoone Wow, this is an incredibly informative and helpful post. Thank you. It’s apparent that you’ve done a ton of research and I applaud all the effort.
I’m surprised that copper and orgonite should never be used together. I’ve had a lot of luck with copper in other devices but I’ll admit that I don’t have much experience yet with orgonite.
Also, props for mentioning Tesla. His contributions to so many scientific fields often go unnoticed and unappreciated. But then as you pointed out, the same can be said of countless scientists who actually could have changed the world.
I’m going to have to acquire the books on your reading list though. Another good one is the source code theory by David Wilcock. It has information on a ton of different topics, including energy healing, frequencies, ect. Although I can’t say I agree with everything that’s written in the book.

@CovertCreator Thank you so much for pointing this thread out to me. This is really helpful.


thanks for the little kick in the butt. :cowboy_hat_face: I didn’t use to be that way, but in the last couple years I have become a master procrastinator🥸. Already 2 months and I haven’t finished what I was supposed to do the next day. (the math for the tensor rings, the diagram of the Cayce radionics machine, the things I forgot like color)

maybe next week​:thinking:, maybe not :smirk:


Hahah, I understand being a procrastinator. I’ve certainly turned it into an art form. Even still, if you’re willing to I’d love to work together. Hold each other accountable for our experiments and see just how far you and I can push the limits of this so called ‘fringe science’ please let me know either way.

Also, your diagrams and blueprints sound intriguing. I have some that outline ways to make these frequencies, radionics, orgonite distributors into something to carry and control. The so called fringe science is what will change the world

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@CovertCreator what are your thoughts? You seem to be interested in this topic. I’d love to hear from you and would be happy to give my contact info to like minded people


Coloring orgonite - The first thing to know about coloring orgonite is that not every coloring agent is compatible with resin. If you want to add color you should get the resin first and read what it says about coloring agents.

green - the healing color of Raphael

electric violet - the color Robert Bruce says is good for spiritual cleansing

chakras - each of the chakras has color and crystals associated with it.

black - associated with baneful magic

Micca - This crystal is a semi conductor that can be chemically treated to conduct or block electricity. Micca is a coloring agent that works with resin. You can get pastel colors that are made for creating make-up. And you can get bright colors that are made for automotive paint.

In Dancing with Water micca is recommended for grounding and balancing water.

Because micca is a semi-conductor I view it as little tiny mirrors reflecting energy around. Like particles in the air reflecting sunlight increases the amount of sunburn you get (go Los Angels), I think of micca increasing the amount of contact the negative energy will have with the transmuting crystals in the orgonite. … At the same time the reflections make it harder for the positive energy to get out of the orgonite.


Well my interest in this subject is more of casual observer and I wouldn’t say that I have the knowledge to be all that helpful.

Quite a few years ago I took a degree course that allowed me to touch on the subjects of Nicola Tesla and Royal Rife so I suppose my interest is nostalgia based, not active, although I might possibly have some things on an old hard drive but don’t get too excited because I doubt there’s anything there that you haven’t seen already.

From what I remember it was all fairly easily found info, however, I think I may have a book or long list of rife frequencies/ailments, which you may already have.

I do remember from my studies that I read enough as proof that they were on to something.

As another point of interest for some, it is possible to make your own tone generator in the programming software called max/msp.

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Tensor ring math - I guess I should explain a tensor ring before the math.

  1. A tensor ring is a wire that has its end attached to its beginning. In theory if the end is attached to the beginning electricity can keep going around it forever.
  2. A man named Slim Sperling discovered that the process of making wire puts a magnetic polarity on the wire. So now we have a wire that electricity can go around and a magnetic field to make the electricity move.
  3. Then Sperling twisted the wire; making a shape like a single wind Rodin coil. Because the wire is twisted the magnetic field moves from the outside to the center. Down through the center back to the outside and back up to the top
  4. Sperling claims that the ancient measurement of a cubit is important (a cubit was measured from the tip of the middle finger to the back of the elbow when the arm is bent… maybe it sounds dumb, but in USA we still use a foot which was defined as the length of the foot of the king of England🥸)

the problem with the math: all electromagnetic waves move at the same speed. radio waves, infra-red, visible light, ultra-violet, microwaves. They all move at the speed of light. that gives a simple way to figure things out. If you know the frequency and you want to know the wavelength divide the speed of light by the frequency. If you know the wavelength and you want to know the frequency divide the speed of light by the wavelength.

units for speed of light feet/second
units for frequency cycles/second
units for wavelength inches/cycle

the speed of light is 983,571,056.4 feet/second

sacred cubit 20.63 inches
lost cubit 23.49 inches
empowered cubit 28.8 inches

??? cubit 19.65 inches

frequencies 144MHz, 177MHz, 188MHz

I will only do the math for one of each. It is very obvious that nothing matches up.

144MHz = 144,000,000 Hz

983,571,056 feet/second divided by
144,000,000 feet/cycle is
6.83 feet/cycle

6.83 x 12 is 81.96 inches

The wavelength of 144MHz is 81.96 inches

20.63 inches
20.63 / 12 = 1.719 ft

983,571,056 feet/second divided by
1.719 feet/cycle is
572,176,298 cycles/second

The frequency for wavelength 20.63 inches is 572.18 MHz

To see them all together

The wavelength of:

144MHz is 81.96 inches
177MHz is 66.68 inches
188Mhz is 62.78 inches

572.18 MHz is 20.63 inches
502.46 MHz is 23.49 inches
409.82 MHz is 28.49 inches
600.65 Mhz is 19.65 inches

and if anybody cares the resonance frequency of liquid water is

22.235 GHz.

The wave length of 22.235GHz is 0.53 inches (don’t know if that matches one of the rings on the mini Lakhovsky antenna :thinking:)

The research on the Rodin coil shows promise for a better electric motor design than what has been used for the last 50 years. Can a tensor ring make an infinite vortex? Maybe, but the math is wrong. If you are going to cut a wire to match the wavelength of a specific frequency, your math has to be better than that. ( and radio antennas pick up on frequecies that are longer or shorter than the length of the antenna no problem)


before I can post the pic of Edward Cayce radionics machine I have to draw it. :nerd_face: I don’t know if it is the same as the original radionics machine of Albert Abrams or if it is different.


a website that I missed in the Trimegistus book.

abrams #3 is a diagram of a machine modified by somebody in Texas. website says they don’t have a diagram of the original Abrams machine

This is not the same device as the one in the book. The etherionic machine of Edward Cayce was built by Dr Paul Cold

from Aug or Sept 2021 to the middle of Dec 2021 I was frying my brain figuring out how to make orgonite for healing (there are so many choices; clearly there is more than one way to do it) In the middle of Dec fryin my brain thinking about how energy flows through the orgonite I had to take a break.

Leaving healing orgonite to rest, I focused my attention on orgonite for baneful magic. In less than half an hour I got it mostly figured out :disguised_face: guess that shows where my brain is right now

Orgonite for Baneful Magic

large clear quartz or smoky quartz crystal for amplifying effects

other crystals [everyone has their own prefered crystals] the crystals should be properly cursed before building the orgonite.

Other items: that can be added depending on if you have them or like using them: rusty nails, coffin nails, goofer dust, graveyard dirt, aluminum shavings, aluminum powder, copper shavings, copper powder, herbs.

The first part of putting the baneful orgonite together is making a “well of disgust”.

well of disgust
I chose this name because its the first thing to pop in my head. call it what you want.

Make a container out of resin the size of a coffee cup (bigger if you want🥸) and a lid that fits it. After the resin sets you can fill it up with a substance of your choice. [tar, used motor oil, axle grease,animal shit, rotten plants, rotten meat] ( the idea is to have mass for baneful energy to accumulate) - Because gasoline can dissolve certain kinds of plastic; if you want to use any kind of petroleum; you should test them. Rotten food creates gas. If you want to use rotten food you can not seal the container until decomposition is complete or it may explode.

After “well of disgust” is finished. The lid can be sealed with 5-min epoxy to keep the contents out of the rest of the orgonite ( assuming its in the heart of the orgonite) or it can be left with the lid off to change the contents.

If you have other items from the list above you will have to choose where you want to put them. They can be in the resin of the well, inside the contents of the well, or in the resin of the orgonite that surrounds the well.


A Curse for Crystals and Talismans

you can use any curse you want for your crystals. This is just an example. Because I like the method that @C.Kendall used in his youtube video I used that method and made this general curse for baneful orgonite. Every kind of crystal should be addressed separately

This curse has 3 parts: ritual cleansing, fixing the energy of the crystals, and gathering baneful energies.

Ritual Cleansing

direct your attention to the crystals and speak to them “Creatures of earth awaken. Creatures of magic awaken. Creatures of crystal awaken. Creatures of (crystal name) awaken. Creatures of magic, creatures of the (crystal name) I call on you.”

then you have a choice to make:

  1. “Creatures of the (crystal name) cleanse yourself in the smoke of this sage”

  2. “Creatures of the (crystal name) cleanse yourself in the light of the moon”

  3. “Creatures of the (crystal name) cleanse yourself in the waters of this river”

“Let everything go that is not the energy of (crystal name). Cleanse yourself and make yourself pure.”


after cleansing the crystals speak to them again. “Creatures of earth awaken. Creatures of magic awaken. Creatures of crystal awaken. Creatures of the (crystal name) awaken. Creatures of magic, creatures of the (crystal name) I call you now. You have cleansed yourself”

“in the smoke of the sage”

“in the light of the moon”

“in the waters of this river”

"You have made yourself pure and nothing is in you that is not the energy of (crystal name). This is your identity. Creatures of magic know your identity and remember it. "

Gathering baneful energy

speak to the crystals again: “Creatures of earth awaken. Creatures of magic awaken. Creatures of crystal awaken. Creatures of the (crystal name) awaken. Creatures of the (crystal name) gather to yourself anger and malice, but remember your identity. Gather to yourself fear and anxiety, but remember your identity. Gather to yourself stress and frustration, but remember your identity. Gather to yourself the energy of sickness and disease, but remember your identity. And when the magician calls you let everything that is not your identity go, so that you may be clean and pure again.”


Wow, even more good info. Thank you @danlBoone I like how you’re combining @C.Kendall method with this. With the baneful orgonite I’m going to have to see how well it works when paired with my usual method of cursing. Essentially, I go into a trance to relive 8 specific traumatic moments in my life. Pair that with intense physical discomfort for far longer than I think I can stand it and then I direct all of that negativity into a crystal or some kind of medium to give to the person. I’m already thinking of a few ways where the orgonite could amplify the effects mwahahah

I wish I had more notes to share. but I’ll post them whenever I’m able to. Life’s been hectic.



My radionics setup.


nice set-up. did you buy it or did you build it? :cowboy_hat_face: either way is a fat wad of cash.

I havent seen that triangle thing before. How does that one work?

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:thinking:There are still a few things to add to this topic. I guess my procrastinating fingers cant be bothered.:smirk:

just a little bit of procrastination. a little bit of being busy at work with no time to do anything at home except go to sleep. and a major life interuption.

The short story is that a radionics machine is so simular to a two-way radio; like a walkie-talkie, that you can start with a basic radio design and work it into a radionics machine.

There are properties of electromagnetism which are well known to scientists. And clearly there are properties of electromagnetism which scientists dont yet know anything about.

I probably said this before, but the radionics machine was so successful in getting insects off of farm fields, that insecticide manufacturers got the US Dept of Agriculture to make it illegal to use a radionics machine on a farm field

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This is an amazing post. Thank you.
I see there are people selling a paper radionic machine and codes online. What do you guys think about that?

Also does anyone know what this is Tesseract Sacred Geometry Radionics Disc Radionics - Etsy UK

and how can be used?