Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis: 18 Flames of Initiation & Lessons in Godhood

Hello, I was wondering, how long would it take to work through the book, “Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis: 18 Flames of Initiation & Lessons in Godhood”? Like, in terms of days?

It depends on how easy the exercises are for you.

You’d still be looking at months of work though, not days.


I’ve been going at it rather ‘‘casually’’. Initially I tried 1 month- 1 flame approach, but sometimes you feel like you -need- more time for the exercises to sink in. So you go a bit longer.

Im over a year in and only on Flame 6.

Though I only do the initiations when I feel that I am ready, without a doubt. The flame rituals themselves are interesting.

I’d rather be sure that I gave the book a good run, than mindlessly try to ‘power through it’. Speed is not everything, and real power is cultivated day by day imo. Its not a race. Be patient with yourself. :slight_smile:

I also had a lot of trouble with some of exercises XD


Years. The first half isn’t too hard, it covers the basics… Until it doesn’t. The last exercise is full physical manifestation of material not ectoplasm.

What takes so long, is each exercise isn’t an intellectual one and done. Like you don’t get to Schwarzenegger size in days, you consistently build over years. So, you use the book to build your spiritual strength, energy and astral being. Those are what you need to complete the lessons.