Ordo aesenum atyrnalis

Okay i have found something very fascinating the book Ordo aesenum atyrnalis Deluxe edition for 120 i check it out its not Deluxe edition it is really cloth edition i had a very close inspection through magnification it have that rough looking sheen looking at the inverted pentagram inverted triangle overlap looking at the grain the white line revealed cloth edition, Leather looking more shiny this isn’t, anyway what does the Ordo aesenum atyrnalis teaches.

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It’s a pathworking. Starts off with basic energy working and magic instruction and then 18 levels of ritual workings to initiate you to this current.

Undergo the 18 Flames of Initiation and receive Lessons in Godhood. For the FIRST time ever, you can access the original, uncensored discourses of the legendary Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis with all-new commentary from E.A. Koetting himself.


Thank you.