Options for Purchasing Candles?

I just have a quick question, as someone who is fairly novel to the occult and specifically advanced candle Magick I was wondering if there are any more advanced practitioners here who are cognizant of the best online stores to buy colored candles that are fairly cheap and also ship within the United States?

Thanks in Advance for your Consideration!

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Wholesale offers/deals! I don’t know about the US but where I live I get my hands on boxes with out-of-season candles (for example christmas themed candles during summertime) and b-stock candles (little imperfections like scratches on the surface) from big retail shops for a rather small amount of money. If you’re about variety and are okay with surprises (sizes and colours WILL vary) this would be my advice :slight_smile:


I get my chime candles In bulk from amazon, I go to luciferianapotheca for my other large glass candles. What type of candle are you looking for?


I buy mine on Amazon, because smokeless and dripless is really nice for what I do. If a candle does something weird I know it because I’ve bought so many.


I keep thinking I’ll start making my own again someday, but for now while it’s too much cost and time for my day, I use these- and I’ve also gotten boxes of just white ones.

I was disappointed these are only 4 inchers though, because my last box was 5”

Walmart right now has those skull candles that have red wax inside so it looks like a bleeding skull- they were $5 last year and really cool for baneful work. I didn’t pick any up this year, so I didn’t turn them upside down to check price.


Just amazon, but dollar stores are still cheaper. Keep an eye out for the clearance rack in grocery stores.

I quite like quickcandles.com for bulk votives, but prices are crazy right now and so is shipping, so it may not be worth buying a years quantity at once right now. I’m hoping the prices will come back down when the gas price does.

The cheapest way of all is to make your own, bulk wax is now around $100 per box plus $35 shipping which comes out at 1.35 a lb, and a bit more for a few molds and wick. I like to do this so I can add oils to the wax and make by own designs. I get candlemaking supplies at candlewic.com.


Oh that’s true. For a long time I used 4 packs of votives from the dollar tree- which is an American chain of cheap shit all for a dollar.

They burn pretty consistently for 4 for $1.

The dollar general and family dollar are worthless in this department unless it’s as a sale at a seasonal change though.

When I was in Washington we only had the dollar tree and Walmart anyways though- so I know they work out pretty alright for the price lol.

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This is a good one, if you can wait for the right time of year, pick up shabbos candles in the kosher section at the grocery store.

You can also get packs of 20 taper candles at hobby stores, Michaels, Hobby Lobby etc. Those were $5 last year I think they’re $11 now.


Thanks for all the quick and expedient replies

I have a Dollar Tree right near my house and based on the prices transcribed online they are much cheaper per oz when juxtaposed to those on Amazon

I will probably try and start there as I only need basic stick candles as of now and don’t have the requisite time to make my own

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Today I received a box of “broken and damaged candles” for this very purpose, roughly 13 lb for under 20 bucks (molds and wicks not included but I am having them separately around). I actually wanted to use broken candles and wax leftovers to make my own, but it turns out that not a single candle inside this box was damaged enough to make another candle out of it from scratch :see_no_evil:

@Necros as you can see: better go with bulk wax instead of “damaged candles” :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the advice. :smile:

For sure, and always keep the stubs, as you can melt them together or make a stripey candle, that’s always fun.

(But soy and paraffin don’t mix well, so I always keep them separate, soy makes for container refills, paraffin or palm wax for pillars.)

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