Opinions on my night

so i was doing a evocation of king paimon tonight. and i just wanted to get yalls opinions on how it went

so i started by cleansing my room since it just felt as a whole negative and ive been meaning to for awhile. then i set up a circle of small tea light candles on my floor and set everything out to call to king paimon, i.e. his sigil in a triangle of manifestation, incense, dark blue candle, etc.
I then proceeded to light everything and meditate using binaural beats so i can get in the mindset and stuff theta and stuff. then i meditated listening to his enn once i felt ready
after awhile of gazing at his sigil while listening to his enn, the top and bottom of the sigil started to disappear while the the candle i set out for him started to go crazy. it was like flicking every which way and stuff
seeing this as a good sign i started chanting his enn at loud, more of a whisper though since the people i live with would be annoyed with me summoning stuff in the house. when i started chanting his enn though the candle started flickering even harder and at one point seemed to shine brighter for like 1 second.
after chanting for like 10 min i asked if he was there using a pendulum and it swung in a clockwise circle. i thanked him for his presence and presented my petition to him.
i then talked about some personal stuff with him to let it all out and i ended up crying.
then i thanked him and offered him some moonwater i had as thanks for coming and letting me talk with him and then dismissed him.
i mean i feel pretty good about the whole evocation as a whole, i couldnt hear any voices or see anything though, but i do feel like he did come. i just want yalls opinions
sorry this is bit of a read🥺

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Some people get vivid impressions and can even hear sounds, while others get subtle feelings, and sometimes people report having felt nothing at all. King Paimon listens when you call on Him with honesty and respect, and is very patient with beginners.

This is what He has told me Himself that I have shared in this thread, maybe you’ll find it helpful: Advice from King Paimon

”Do not doubt your experience when you feel its validity in your heart and you can feel its effect on you.“

Search the forum for ”King Paimon evocation“ and you will find many great threads and comments from people who have worked with Him. I‘m sure some of them will be very useful to you.

Btw, no triangle or circle is needed, and there is no need to formally dismiss Him. He leaves of His own accord.


thank you, i think im doing everything right and stuff, i just used the triangle this time since i was tryong something new. i was using tarot cards to also talk to him snd i asked if i was doing things right and i got the knight of cups, which i think means i need more confidence, which is true i suppose. but thank you for your advice​:two_hearts::two_hearts:

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