Opinions about your path

So, I have a question and I would like your input and your opinions.

I just discovered magic maybe a year or so ago. It might be two years at this point. Anyway, before that I never knew there was really a such thing as magic outside of Harry Potter fantasy books. Based on my Googling I accidentally stumbled upon this website and the website of a pretty legit ceremonial magician. Sometimes you read something and you just know it’s legit. That’s what happened. So then I became curious if magic is truly as real as you guys say it is. I’ve been following both for the past two years just reading and trying to understand what exactly you guys are into.
Then the most ironic and crazy thing happened.

This past week I received an email from the newsletter associated with this website. In the newsletter, E.A. Koetting mentions, “In addition to daily meditation…if I encounter people who might need a little boost, I’ll send them magickal boosts without them ever knowing about it…”

That seems awfully kind…

In the same week, I received a YouTube video from the other magician who warnes against baneful magick and claims to not use it. In this video, he talks about how you might harm someone using Bible verses but it’s not baneful magick because you’re asking God to do it and you’re not the one actually doing it.

Seems pretty mess up to inflict harm on people regardless of how you do it… whether you curse a person or petition God to do, it would still suck… and it causes harm so is that not baneful magick?

I’m sure it’s for good reason and all…

But my point is. What exactly makes someone a left-hand magician? So far, the newsletters I’ve been receiving associated with this webpage have been pretty cool and rather thought provoking. I thought that the difference was good vs evil or something… but that doesn’t seem to be right. Because I see all kinds of people looking out for each other on here and allegedly trying to help one another… and then I see this guy trying to teach me how to like hex someone or something using the Bible.

So is the difference the means? Is someone a left-handed magician because they work with demons? No matter if they never harm anyone? I guess I’m just looking for some insight because as a newcomer who pretty much knows nothing about real magic… seems to me like all of the magician’s I have witnessed are just like regular humans in the sense that there is a continuum of good and bad within each individual. If that’s true then what determines what side you are on? How do you guys define it?

Honestly at this point just claiming it…but by (I use loosely) definition Left hand path is the central elevation of one’s self and the rejection of religion and societal taboos. It focuses on the strength and will of the practitioner. Satanism in various forms are LHP, and honestly at this point even the worship of demons as contradicting as it sounds also fits under LHP even though demons themselves aren’t inherently LHP, sex magic is by some LHP but that’s honestly nonsense as many wiccans which is labeled RHP practice sex magick as a means of connecting with nature in it’s most primal state.


That makes sense… by your definition I kind of automatically fall into the left hand then, right? Because I’m mostly just interested to improve my personal position in life and I pretty much just look at religions to learn how to do magic but I don’t really subscribe to anything in particular…

This world is so interesting to me. Prior to discovering magick my life was a tragedy… but since I found this, I think it has turned into a comedy.

I just don’t understand why it works? If I want to be richer or prettier or more popular so I do a spell or something… why would they help me? Like if your purpose of your magic is to increase your stature… why would the entities or the planets or anyone care to help you over anyone else?

I guess that’s the confusing part, to me at least, about the whole idea of self-serving magick.

I dont think it’s much about them caring as not all spells call on other entities rather your own energy manifests it. However, when you do call on other entities and they choose to help you they benefit from it in some way, shape, or form.


You will want to read the Black Magic Manifesto by @Timothy, which answers your question in detail. Basically what makes someone left hand path is their lack of deification of egregores.


Thank you. I will look that up

Personally there is no left or right hand path…there is just the middle. A balance of both. Born into this world we are, make the best of what you have, and bow to no one.


You are your own man. You don’t follow God, higher beings, nor universal laws. Imo, lhp and rhp overlap, though.

Rhp people typically use white magick and believe there is a oneness or divine controller over everything.

This is how I come to know it. I know it doesn’t really matter. Imo, adhering to labels only serves to strip you of power, i.e., your true self. Ofc, it is fine to adhere to labels if u don’t let this happen to you, i.e., you know yourself for who you are and don’t allow yourself to be dictated over meaningless things.

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It works through the constant, but not overly (obsessive) application of using your mental energy (and energy from your soul) towards goals. It’s actually quite simple.

Spells aren’t going to magically change anything. You must build power through meditation first.

Idk. I know they do. I also know that is best for you to change yourself and learn to use your own magick. Working with the “natural laws of the universe” reigns.

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I respectfully disagree. I have been helped in ways by Yahweh where Yahweh had no benefit. Tbh, I don’t think it’s Yahweh. It told me that it is god. It is probably the real God or something.

Also, I would like to reverse my statement? Sure, I suppose God benefits automatically by me being ethical? Idk; I don’t even worship him.

So true

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You do not know if Yahweh has benefited or not so that’s fine you can disagree but they still do benefit from you working with them. Assuming you know benefit isn’t always so in your face type benefits.

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I assume any entity would benefit from working with me. There is an emotional connection and exchange of energy.

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That’s the point.

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I love your response… the part I quoted as my favorite part but the whole entire thing that you said really resonated with me. I honestly don’t know what I believe anymore. Ever since I found this webpage and the other magician last year my whole world has been turned upside down. Everything I thought I know… it’s like I’ve been deceived by the truth. The truth was there all along but somehow given to me in a way that hid it…

For example, I learned about King Solomon in church and how great and wise he was… imagine my surprise when I’m listening to an occult podcast and they’re like King Solomon was one of the greatest magicians that ever lived and he apparently summoned demons better than anyone before him and he had them do his bidding… and then wrote an epic grimoire about it

I get that feeling one gets when the rug is just pulled out from under them…

So, yeah… I have no idea what I believe in or what/who to trust anymore

That’s why I posted what I posted. I’m starting to feel like the division is another make believe line in the sand that can be used to separate people.

Because when I’m comparing these two magicians who both seem very powerful to me based off of what they say… they seem very similar. They both drop a ton of knowledge and I enjoy reading their letters. It seems to me like they have two different methods of getting at the same things. And they both appear to be very successful. I started to wonder what is the difference between the two of them besides of the titles… and the entities they choose to work with I suppose

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Ever since I was a kid that concept sounded crazy to me… like in what way does he benefit?

The only thing that makes me sort of understand is now that I have a kid… but I don’t benefit when he does well, it just makes me happy because when he’s happy I’m happy. For no reason at all. That’s literally the only instance I can think of… of genuine unconditional love. So I just think maybe that’s what it’s like? God wants us to do well so that we suffer less🤷‍♀️ who knows?


That makes so much sense. Them working with us for the energy exchange. Half the time that’s why we work with each other… I appreciate you guys processing this with me


I too am exploring this question. I have been a right hand pather for many years and not that I wasn’t always questioning (cause I was) I just felt as though I needed to reach a certain place in my development before seeing what there was to explore in the left hand path and what it all means to me as the middle path is really the one that is for me. I have been walking with a right hand lilt and am exploring my connection to what lhp and rhp really are to stay in balance. Have you heard of the vesica piscis? It looks like a ven diagram (which is perfect for this conversation).


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