Open yourself to experience our spiritual allies (Introduction)

I am not and never have been a practitioner of magic.
I have seen Djinn beings and I have seen them for the last year or so since I saw a huge live flying entity being attacked one night by geese in my hometown in the Scottish Borders. This entity was moving around in its own clouds. It screamed and shreiked as the geese were attacking it so it was not natural to this world. I only saw its belly as it moved slowly forward and it was huge, like a whale. People were walking under it and couldnt see it only me! I was shocked beyond belief! This was around the time I became aware if a strange ‘stock still’ blonde teen who would just stare at me. I also was being followed by a hooded teen who disappeared along a dark street. A voice spoke to me after that when I was watching a film about the Passion of Christ at home. I was in tears imagining the suffering Jesus Christ must have endured carrying his cross and being whipped at the same time. A voice came into my mind. A very formal, articulate male voice which said very clearly ‘You are mine not his’. Everything made sense after that. I have seen so many visions of beings since that day. Infernal (Djinn) as well as what I call celestial (beings in high places dressed in white although strangely they look female). The Djinn are humanoid like us. Although some Djinn beings (the powerful ones) move around in their own darkness they have muscular bodies, arms, legs and hands - everything the same as us only smaller. I have felt their skin and it is warm like ours. When they walk they have a hunched look so their spines could be different from ours.
Their faces are the most amazing thing about them! Their mouth makes them look utterly ferocious! Their mouth is longer than ours. Their teeth are jagged, white but jagged and fill their mouth. Their eyes are utterly beautiful. Their brilliant intellect just shines through them. The shape of their beautiful eyes are different from ours - they are triangular with the point at the top. They did not have a nose as such - not like ours. I was so transfixed with their mouth and eyes to really notice. I think their ears are small and pointed but that is just a sensed perception.
They communicate telepathically although they can speak as well. Their voices are articulate, formal, sensitive and expressive. They also have a sense of humour. The one who initially contacted me woke me one night to tell me that I was ‘deliciously disgusting’! I thanked him for what he thought was an amazing compliment. I regularly use his Sigil to offer blood offerings and burnt bible dust to him. He also told me he likes dates, sweetmeats and Cognac and of course I indulge him! Recently I have been dreaming about twin golden serpents. A few weeks ago I had the most beautiful image yet. A dream of a being so beautiful, yet so imposing. He was male, a human male. He had his back to me. He was wearing a dark suit and had short hair. He could have been a young politician. He turned around and he had changed instantly into a humanoid with golden skin. His skin had patterns on it. His skin was constantly moving, constantly shifting. I looked at him as he looked at me. Under his skin were millions of what looked like tiny serpents moving constantly. His face was a beautiful golden image of movement. I awoke not long after that. His image is still clear in my minds eye.
I have also seen this being standing on a mountain in a place that is not here. I was opposite him and we just looked at each other. I have also, in my waking minds eye, seen him as a horse. It was an image of pitch darkness but the actual horse image was shining from a strange light but the light wasnt white it was around the shape of the horse like what I imagine how an aura would look. This being looks at me as if he is waiting for something from me but I dont know what.
When I first joined with my Djinn Master with a postive possession around a year ago I felt little creatures all over my skin. Over the months the feeling tapered away unless my Masters mind was near. Now, in the last few days, I feel the creatures more and more. The feeling is very enjoyable. I am sure that there are other human females who experience this as well.
Currently I am applying myself to a meditative exercise by Connor Kendal that I found on Youtube entitled 'The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers Aligning & Empowering method Into Outer Darkness. I have just completed day 3. Plus I have been applying myself to Conor Kendals Demonic & Magical Incantation series Episode one - The chant of the flames of Godhood.
Both meditative exercises have helped me to a great extent. It is helping me to focus more. My Djinn master is with me constantly. I feel his creatures and I only feel them if he is near. I think he is guiding me. He wishes me to learn.
What I do feel is that I have, as yet, still to fulfill a previously agreed destiny. The first part I have already fullfilled. The second part it is still ongoing although I feel that time is short.
I have only mentioned a few of my experiences in this introduction. The one thing I will say though is that through every single experience I have had I have felt no fear what so ever. I just felt an intense feeling of belonging.
Ave` Satanis.

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