Open up astral sight and senses

Hi practisioners

You guys are very advanced in my eyes just the fact you can see and hear spirits.

I can meditate pretty well into a deep trance where my body fills with energy like I’m going to self combust but that’s where it ends.

Can anyone recommend a good practice or even a spirit to work with which will help open me up?

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Practice your clairs, each sense has a clairvoyant ability that needs work to build a proper foundation on developing your psychic senses. It’s not advised to jump in the deep end(projection, entities, etc) if you haven’t went through the shallow end(honing clairvoyant abilities)


That’s the plan need to start for scratch pretty much, any idea where to even start?

You can start working on your chakras. The third eye for clairvoyance, the throat chakra for clairaudience. Focus on meditation and, most importantly, want with all your heart to achieve your goals.
You can also get help from a spiritual guide, if you have one.


thats actually a very good thing for a self proclaimed beginner (i assume you consider yourself a beginner yes?)

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I have tried various chakra meditations etc but maybe im just numb to this stuff.

What meditations or chakra work actually works 100%

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I’ve always been comfortable with my methods. I tried using meditations shared by others, but they weren’t for me. Try visualization, experiment, there is no right or wrong way.
When you work constantly the results are visible, even if it will take some time.


A beginner to the LHP but not meditation in general for a quiet mind.

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When working on clairs you don’t focus on your chakras that’s the first mistake people make. You work on the abilities themselves and the chakras will improve with your progress. There’s a how to scan guide on the forum as learning to scan is a basic thing all practitioners should touch on as it works out all your clairs, sight, smell, hearing, taste, feeling. Focusing on the major chakras unbalances your energy system because not everyone has the same amount of chakras nor the same locations, and people always ignore the minor chakras.

Learning to scan; especially yourself helps you recognize how your energy system works as it most likely will differ from another, how your energy flows, what it looks like, feels like, how fast or slow your energy is vibrating on (neither is good or bad) if you have any stagnation, etc. these things tend to lead to external scanning which is what you’re doing when you commune with external forces like demons, angels, yokai, gods, Djinn, fae, etc.


Thanks for the tips, in all honesty I would definitely concentrate on my chakras expecting my clairs to start developing.

I will search out the how to scan guide and take it from there.

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Thanks for the link bro