Open question to all who work with angels

It should be able to provide a general feel for whatever it is, whether angelic or what not, based on the card you draw.

Good idea :slight_smile:


Is it okay if I @ you? Or better not to front load?

Would phrasing the question as “What type of spirit is in my room/closet area and what is the intent with me?” A good way to phrase?

Since I don’t want to confuse the question with my lady since she’s also with me.

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I would phrase it as something simple like “what does the unknown spirit in my room want from me?”

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That will also say what type of spirit? Since I want to know that too.

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It should give you a rough idea, based on its intent and the card that represents it. For example, in my own readings, I have found that angels tend to be represented by the Airy sword suit, and demons more of the Earthy disks. There are always exceptions, of course, and it is individual to the reader, but that is the general thing for me.

However, if you think that might require more interpretation than your current level of reading is able to handle, it would be fine to ask a compound question such as, “what is this unknown spirit in my room and what does it want from me?”


Cool, Ill do the reading now then.

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