One Of My Biggest Success

I just want to say this first…Thank you Azazel for helping me find my own path. Without you i would have never been here doing what i do now.

So for the first time i did a rain spell and it WORKED PERFECTLY. i did hours ago, at 2pm to be precise, and at that time it was sunny and hot and with no indication of rain or storm whatsoever. People were swimming in the sea and all sort of normal stuff. At the time i was alone only with my grimoire at my ‘‘special place’’ its an old little bay that nobody goes to. So i was sittling there with a little doubth in my mind at first, but i quickly shook it off. then i concentrated on what i wanted while enchanting the demonic enn for conjuring all magickal powers, then i resited the spell for rain while evoking the water element. After that i felt like something just shifted in me. This electrical feeling. Then all of a sudden a curcular cloud appeared near me, and i took that as a sign that my spell worked. and then i left, completely forgetting that i did a spell for rain. And now is about night time and there is thunder and rain and i am so happy. It worked just PERFECTLY.
Now i’m just relaxing and enjoying the fruits of my labor.


Sweet! Congratulations on a job well jobbed! :smiley: