One ammonia jar hoodoo spell. Three people?

I’m thinking about doing an ammonia jar. I want one thing(s) same thing(s) to happen to three separate people.

Would it be fine to do one jar for all or each their own jar. Two of them I wont really know the outcomes unless they say something to someone i know (which is highly unlikely as they are pretty tightlipped and dont share much on SM).


I think it would be fine. Dume candles have room for a list written on the side, so why not jar spells?

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Thanks!! I have a dume candle but im saving that for someone else and it has the list. Like I said i want the same things to happen to each person so I figured i could hit three birds with one stone. So to speak…

Ive never done an ammonia jar before so this will be quite interesting. Im doing the one that lists positive things and then flip it upside down so all the opposite happens.


Sounds cool, let us know how it works out :slight_smile:

keep us updated!

Three people one jar… where have i heard this before

I didn’t know that, then again, ive only had success with ammonia jars in regards to financial problems. I was only aware of sour jars for that sort of thing. You learn something new everyday.

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Im going to do one on myself to increase my online shop’s cash flow. That way I can see the effectiveness of the jar personally.

The other ones im going to do on three people. Same results for all three. I will know about one of them. Other two… maybe maybe not.

Like I said im going to write the opposite of what I want to happen and then flip the jars upside down so the actual result happens. For me Im going to do what is going on and flip so the positive happens. Will most certainly update when i see or hear anything.


@ViktoriaMourning describes how she used the jar the thread. I’ve used it the same way & got results fast.

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i’ll keep updated about mines