Once upon a night azazel took me into the infernal empire

Before a month I was doing an infernal working first started with belial who put me into living a hell but there’s tons of stuff that happen so I will tell you that night what happened

I was in bed I was ready to sleep as I relaxed become dizzy I seen clearly a shadow in flame with red eyes that was azazel. Then he scratches into a wall and saw with my eye these infernal empire he literally pulled me out of body and traveled with him into the wormhole that he made on my wall

The infernal empire

It was fucking fascinating
So dark, so dark
So beautiful so beautiful
I was into the road of the infernal empire I see fucking demons talking in their language it was fucking amazing I seen the Palace, the Palace was on big big tall mountain in what it seemed as the middle of that world, I seen the 4 watch towers too, I seen lesser towers I seen skyscraper like building big houses, tribes and campfires the sky was fucking amazing there was a swrilling tornado darkness with fire and lightning I seen legions of demons, forests maintains, azazel took out of the ground and got into the massive Palace I seem the whole empire, its simply beyond explainiation, literally
I was excited there from my excitement I cut my self out of trance. lol
Then Satan came and explained me 3 families
Alakash , demonic warriors
Amnalash, informers
Amararuk, sorcerers
Which these immediatly reminded me of azazel’s legions families
I asked satan about that and he told me

They are the same house, but in different names, every high level demons have the houses of legions, both hold same purposes, powers and some demons
I aslo asked azazel about that and he confirmed.

My next question will be the primordial name for those houses, like one standard name and sigil of all demons houses

Satan told me

“become a king amongst us, and you will, we will teach secrets, legions and kindgoms that you will tap to, the infernal empire awaits you”

Itz ma almal kal esh Satan

Infernal blessings.


I will try to draw my vision


i thought azazel had yellow eyes…and how were you able to acomplish such feats? i am very curious on this i would like to know how amazing


Fascinating :exploding_head:

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Mind =blown
Haha I feel the same!

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Maybe the yellow eye version was a different manifestation of him, note when he visited me he had a different form when he put me on the infernal empire

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i see well they do take many forms i guess it was his way of not scaring me or something

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