I was confused about the infernal empire the post "once upon a night...." its not the infernal but

Sorry guys I was massively confused I remember when I asked satan for his empire while back I thouhz that Satan is the emperor of the infernal empire but its not lucifer is the emperor of the infernal empire Satan is the emperor of the empire called “alkalamnash”
Here the post

Sorry guys if I confuse or misguided you with that I deeply apologise.

I will take a week off from magick because my head is gonna explode I need to rest


Many that practice magic use a name of a deity that is meaningful to them. Many confuse the name of Lucifer with many other deitys which had it roots in Roman lore and myth. The same with Satan who as well know as the adversary is the devil or demon that rules the infernal regions in the Jewish Torah or bible. Both Lucifer and Satan imply the same deity and are interchangeable as simply the devil and Lord ruler of the underworld.

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