On the magickal art of Not Giving A Fuck via Possession

So I’ve been doing some contemplation on what my next magickal project should be.

Out of all the things that could be improved in my life right now, a significant one is that I basically care too much about what other people think. I have no problem intellectually recognizing this drive to seek the approval of or validation from others, but actually resisting the emotional pull of this is another matter entirely.

I don’t want to completely eliminate my store of fucks-to-give, as I still prefer to at least pass for normal by continuing to wear clothes and not cannibalizing the door-to-door Jehovah’s Witnesses for food during the winter… :grin: I just want to turn the fucks dial down a bit. To unashamedly mix mythologies, I want to go from Clark Kent to Tyler Durden pre-Operation Mayhem.

So, how does one give less of a fuck using the occult? Any spirits or magickal techniques y’all would recommend? I was thinking maybe a short possession of an entity known for their lack of empathy, but am not sure which would be best.


Belial. :slight_smile:


You might want to go in the other direction on this one. I would suggest working with a spirit known to assist in emotional understanding. If you are more able to understand the core of your emotional interactions (giving a fuck) then you will be better able to pick and choose the ones that serve you and the ones that limit you, lending you greater control and understanding. This will increase your power, over yourself and your reality. Most any water spirit can help with this. And remember, other people’s thoughts regarding you are arguably not even real; how you manage YOU is, though.


I to suffer from this and can’t stand it

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Transform and destroy that aspect of yourself. Destroy to create. Transmute.


umm…hate to break it to you but there is no magical solution to this.

its all in your head, giving a fuck is a state of mind. any magic you do to “give less of a fuck” will backfire because you are mentally aware of such a working. (really hard to mind control yourself you know…others not so much…and yes i am speaking from experience)

what you need is daily meditation sessions. take at least an hour out of every day and just embrace the emptyness. form a void in your mind and dont let anything in. (especially your emotions!)

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I’d go with Belial myself as a recommendation, also push yourself past your comfort zone whenever possible, get used to not feeling wrapped in a bubble of safety and approval, step out from the herd…


Belial and Addramelech.


I agree with the advice on daily meditation. It can do wonders, and the most important part of it for a magician, is it helps you to take control of your own mind and emotions. Rather than losing any and all emotional attachment (which, in the human realm is tantamount to being dead inside, or a psychopath) it allows you to CHOOSE WHEN AND IF you want to give any of those fucks you may have.

To the OP, you did say you want to keep some fucks just not a lot of them and emotional equanimity through meditation can definitely help.

I also agree with the suggestion of Belial. He is the one “without a master” and may be able to help you become the master of your emotions.


Keep in mind that truly not giving a fuck is different than being anti-social. Imagine Wesley from Princess Bride. Who actually has the balls, when asked what they are fighting for, to look someone dead in the eye and tell them without wavering, "True Love"
People are used to angry nihilists. I’ve found aggressive lightwork to be a target rich environment.
Stand tall

“It is one thing for a child to be afraid of the dark, but utterly shameful for a man to fear the light.” -Plato


Thanks for the helpful replies, guys.

@anon20147451 @Lady_Eva So it seems the consensus is Belial, eh? He didn’t come up at all on my radar initially but now that I think about it this does seem to tie interestingly with some things I discussed with him during my previous working. :thinking:

The thing that concerns me with working a temporary possession with Belial is that (the only, really) data point I’ve seen referencing such a thing is EA and the Gatekeeper ritual where he had Belial possess his ex-wife. The ritual itself had no real issues, apparently, but the after effects are somewhat concerning in that Belial seemed to take the fact that his ex-wife was offering herself up to be possessed as indication that she was Belial’s offering, and he isn’t particularly known for wanting to give back things that are offered up to him. Consequently, he continued to possess her at random times for weeks and months after the initial possession and even after repeated exorcisms, and according to EA he to this day has never really left her.

So, I guess I’m wondering if anyone else has had personal experience with this? I’m fine with the after effects of the ritual being permanent (decreased empathy and less fucks), but becoming a permanently open door to a King Demon is a bit more than I’m open for at this stage. :grin:

I’m not sure if that’s the fundamental issue here. I have a pretty good understanding of my psychological makeup as far as why I give fucks when I shouldn’t, but this doesn’t necessarily translate into being able to change it. I’ll look into water spirits though; thanks for the idea!

Aye, the alchemical fuel is all set to burn. I just need a match.

I’m not sure if magick can completely change someone’s personality into its opposite, but from what I’ve read, possession in particular can be effective in making you more like the spirit you’re invoking.

From EA’s Works of Darkness:

I dig the suggestions for daily meditation, though, but more as a good supplement to the intended possession. I mean, hell, what’s the point of magick if you can’t test your limits every once in a while and see if significant personality alteration is possible through occult means? :smile:

@FraterMagni I don’t know much about Addramelech, other than what I vaguely recall from one of EA’s videos where he instructed EA in defeating his enemies. How has he helped you, if you don’t mind sharing?

Thanks for the input, and I do intend to be more consistent with my meditation practice. Honestly, though, I’ve always felt that it’d be rather freeing to be a sociopath. To no longer be fettered by human emotion or guilt, to walk amongst humanity as a wolf surrounded by sheep, to break the confining chains of compassion and follow your Will without concern or care for others: this would be a Freedom beyond reckoning. The latest research seems to show, too, not that sociopaths can’t feel love or empathy at all, but rather that they have the ability to switch it off at will. Personally this seems ideal. :rocket:


Bumpety-ump bump. To anyone who is experienced with invocation/possession, how does one ensure the spirit doesn’t keep returning afterwards, like Belial with EA’s ex-wife? @Lady_Eva, any thoughts?

False. Placebo still works even if you know it’s placebo/are aware of its effect.

that has not been my experience

It seems also from my experience with offerings that Belial likes to KEEP what he’s given, however, you may under some circs host him, just make sure you both agree beforehand that it’s for a short period.

But I mean you’re working with one of the most notorious Kings of Hell, so there are likely to be occasional unforseens, it’s best for you to think of ways you would handle these now in the calm of the world outside ritual, because if they get sprung on you at the time you’re not going to be able to get advice, and the thing about letting a spirit into your mind in this way is that they find it very easy to manipulate you into liking, and even WANTING, what they desire.

So be really clear going into it what you want, and what the boundaries are. Keep it professional, like you were negotiating with a shark businessman but you both also want the deal to be a success.

I’ll also pop a post below that’s relevant to that topic:

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Thanks, that was quite helpful, particularly the second link! I agree with you that this is not something to be done without thorough preparation. The last thing I want to do is brick my brain by improper installation of the Belial patch (V6.66, of course). As far as I know, the manufacturer’s warranty expired a long time ago and there’s no such thing as a reset button. :smile:

The whole thing’s just damned fascinating, though. And there’s so many unanswered questions: how deep of a personality change can we make? Would it show up on something like the Myers Briggs test? How long can it last? Would possession-induced personality changes be correlated to neuronal genetic changes and therefore be passed down to any future offspring? :thinking:

So many experiments, so few hours in the day.


One test is to write a lot while possessed, and see if it still looks completely like you, once that ends.

I find it’s like reading a good impersonation of me, but not quite accurate, even though at the time I was not aware of another consciouness there. :thinking: