On the art of diplomacy

Writing this from minor experiences with spirits that has lead me to valuable conclusions. I ventured into magick with both a conscious and unconscious attitude that i was the bomb. I was like jesus himself and my soul was created by powerful spirits that would grant me favours in the physical realm, just for the reason of my soul existing. When i started to invoke lucifer, lilith and other beings, you could argue that i made things up, or that my attitude and beliefs were so appalling, narcissistic and out of proportion to what i could actually accomplish, that these beings decided to troll, deceive and lead me down painful paths.
I was deceived into multiple grandiose ways of thinking, like i was lucifer and lilith’s soul child(quite the common fantasy among beginners), i was jesus or i was a god. I did alot of mental masturbation, half- assed my spiritual work and had accomplished nothing. As humans we all have a natural despise for people who think they are greater than they actually are, yet it doesnt seem like spirits are any different here. Perhaps some dont have that attitude, but i think alot of them do.

If we consider why we are so competitive and lusting for resources, wealth and power above all things, its apparant that this doesnt exclude spirits. Sure, they are higher dimensional beings, but also chained to territory, power, strength and so on. The beings we contact, help and guide us for this very reason. They want status, servants and a network in the physical realm to grow their own reach. Of course, i heed caution here not to assume too much of their reasons, but the obvious ones should be considered. Therefore, a respectful, down to earth and businessman way of being should be applied when contacting these spirits, unless a more personal relationship is desired by both parties.

Unfortunately, the world is filled with manipulators and if a dark, trickster spirit sees a vulnerability in you, like loneliness, family issues, greed or narcissism, they might deceive you for their gain of a long term servant or just for their amusement. The art of diplomacy is vital for contact with foreign entities, not just in the physical realm. One should never assume goodwill in the occult, especially when contacting dark, manipulative trickster beings. Its a business associate, not a partner or parent, although the difference in age, mastery and ability might persuade us into such a line of thought.


I’m not really much versed in summoning but my advice is
• be truthful in what you want don’t try to manipulate them
•Like what someone else said they are not your family, they are dangerous and do not wish you health obviously
•make clear what you want
•don’t be rude
• they don’t give anything for free
This is a partnership or alliance

Learn more
Just learn more about allliances.

And there are worse things than death simply

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I both agree and disagree with this statement; certainly there are parasitic entities who will take advantage of anyone they can sink their hooks into, and a healthy level of respect is needed when calling on any entity, just like it is when speaking to other people irl, but I don’t necessarily think people ought to be scared to call on any entity if their spiritual hygiene is in order.


My intent was not to scare people, far from it. I meant to show people my mistake and learn from it, if they have struggled with the same. The problem was my naivity in regard to the dark gods, not the dark gods themselves.

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