On Lucifer Being Male or Female

I think that an energy has no sex.
It’s an human concept.


I do have a general answer for this actually: Spirits are beings of energy, so they’re both male and female, if that makes sense.

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Stop doubting yourself mate it was him, when you see an image like that you can always ask for confirmation. Even now you can ask him for confirmation that it was him (if me telling you isnt enough).

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Yes! I totally agree after I read one of your post on accepting Lucifer as your Godform I basically came to this conclusion. Usually, when I beginning working with an entity it is based on my first impressions and common knowledge, but as I dive deeper into the relationship I get more and more information on them.

How do you utilize different masks and faces when working with these beings though?
Like yesterday I called on Azazel and Lucifer both but I was like “well I’m pretty certain you guys are the same entity.”

Lucifer has always come to me in male energy form.

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Me too, up until recently.

You sounds like Azazel right now, haha. He’s been trying to get me to stop doubting and explaining things away and to have more confidence in what I’m capable of. Part of me thinks he may have led me to that picture the other day to prove that point. He’s been doing things like that a lot lately.

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I invoked him last night, like @C.Kendall I have accepted Azazel/Lucifer as a part of myself and my Godform (you should too). A part of the invocation explicitly stated intertwining our DNA.
Here is dear Kendall’s great work

Also, I’d recommend reading this reply by @Lady_Eva it’s essential for understanding our role as magicians, if it was up to me it’d be in every magical work known to man.

I dont doubt myself because doubting my own abilities isn’t very godlike, imagine the kind of superhero Spider-man would be if Mj said “Go get em Tiger!” and he responded “I’ll try!”…


It sounds like impostor spirits to me.

So people that come to this site is setting a bad impression by confusing them by telling them Nonsense such as Lucifer being a female.

I guess this is what BALG promotes as a product now :joy_cat:

You have no idea how helpful your reply and the links you gave were. I feel like that just put a lot of things into perspective for me that I’ve been trying to figure out, and it also took a lot of doubt that I had away. This honestly deserves a way better response than this, but I have to run at the moment. I wanted to thank you though.

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Can you say cognitive dissonance mate? :joy: :+1:

You are free to think what you will this is a reply from Kendall, he is a very established magician who has been working with Lucifer longer than me (I think he said 10 years). Maybe read the likes of his work?

BALG is a free resource and comments like that are just in bad taste, I’m not a writer or paid by BALG.

Recommendation: Do not slander or accuse the very site you are using as promoting poor content.

Also, I have no motive to deceive my fellow magicians.

Best of luck on your en-devours!

?Enlightenment or A Thousand Years of Pain?


briefly pops her head in
The spirit I choosed to work with always appears in a male form to me and I refer to it as “him” all the time.
He took a female form in one of our earlier “firsts” (and appeared to a lot of people as female alone) but made the male form a habit in our meetings. I guess it’s because simple me is more focused with a good looking dude shrugs

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I guess I cannot take you seriously :joy_cat:

It also depends on which Lucifer, if you’re referring to the primary sense of Lucifer, then there are two of them, one might even say three. Lucifer-Amaymon, who is the more Goetic Lucifer, and is also a Gatekeeper of the Abyss, would be more masculine (partly due to the culture of the Solomonic current). Lucifer-Eosphoros which is the Daemonic Divinity for Air and is more Venereal would likely be feminine if not androgynous for the Venus connection to the Divine Masculine element. Astaroth is sometimes conflated with Lucifer due to Lucifer the Morning Star being a reference to Venus which Astarte, Goddess of Magick, is associated with. Then there is a fourth if you’re looking even farther, with Astaphanes, the Archontess of Venus, the Archons being deemed a race of Daemons in modern thought would put Astaphanes as a Lucifer, and thus would make that Lucifer also a She. Then there is Lucifer-Prometheus due to Lucifer’s Light Bearing epithet which was also tied to Prometheus which is another masculine Lucifer.

The point of this is, there are technically several Luciferi, some are male, some are female, but ultimately it depends on which one in particular you are mentioning.