On Edgelords and Fluff Bunnies

This year for me has been a year of grounding. I’m figuring out what my morals are and where I stand on the illusory LHP vs. RHP dichotomy. I would say I agree with the principles and freedom of the LHP but I’m definitely somewhere in between. So hopefully this pisses at least one person off, because if it did, I made you think.

So first let’s discuss edgelords. The people who seek to work with a spirit simply because it is perceived as “dark”. Now that’s not to say that there is anything wrong with wanting to work with dark deities. Of course not. But only wanting to work with that deity because some people are afraid of it or because it is “dark”, that is silly. Edgelords also have the biggest hard on for throwing curses constantly. Once again, I’m not saying that throwing a curse is always wrong. I’m saying throwing a curse at every Bill, Joe, and Tom who looks at you funny is a waste of time and an obvious indicator of spiritual ignorance and weakness. It also seems that the people who constantly are cursing, rarely get results from these curses. Good if you ask me. And they have an obvious lack of individual morals. Their entire personal morality is based on doing the direct opposite of what everyone else is doing, and taking it even further. They haven’t spent any time contemplating why they do the things they do. Just ignorant. They lump all deities and spirits into this whole Christian paradigm but only reversed, with the “dark” spirits ALWAYS being the good guys and ALWAYS being at war with the “light” spirits. They are basically reverse fluff bunnies.

Now for the group that we all love to bash on, the ever so maligned fluff bunnies. These are the closet Christians who care more about appearing spiritual than actually being spiritual. These are the fuckers that chose you in your yoga class for eating a chicken dinner and get “bad karma” from it without even understanding the origin of karma/dharma. These are the fuckers who call all of the astral nasties demons. Fluff bunnies almost always have some sort of holier than thou world view that they box everything else into without even considering what other groups, cultures, and philosophies have to say. For instance Wiccans with their lord and lady bullshit and taking deities from polytheistic pantheons and just roping them into a duotheistic model. The mere concept of Wiccan Voodoo or Wiccatru makes my stomach turn. These dipshits also have the biggest hard on for telling everyone else what to do and how cursing is wrong and working with demons is bad karma. A bunch of spiritual eunuchs if you ask me.

These are merely my rants, conclusions, and observations that I have made from interacting from these two kinds of people. I’m sure I missed some of the actions of these people that are completely asinine. And maybe this will piss some of you off, and remember I’m not deliberately trying to do that, I’m trying to make you think.


Sounds right to me :+1::ok_hand:

I’m about on the same page as you.


About that, they also never actually explore out of their box. They stick with the methods they have and Never expand. Not to say they can’t manifest, but they never look into anything beyond their current capabilities.

I like to say your practice reflects who you are. Like an extension of you


Exactly. They are no different than the people who wear satanic pentagrams because they “look cool” and piss off mommy and daddy. They aren’t in it for the true spiritual insight.


Edge lords also come on here and call everyone “pussies” for having ANY kind of moral code… Silly to me.
All Spirits have things they will do and won’t, I don’t see why it’s an issue if we do as well.

The idea of having or not having isn’t really the Issue to them, it just doesn’t seem “metal” enough if you don’t want to wack little Timmy next door or you actually help charity groups lol.


In my eyes, there is no good or evil, only the intent of the person wielding the power.


@anon48957109 Couldn’t agree more. Everyone loves to complain about fluff bunnies but for the most part, edgelords get a pass.


Excellent thank you for this . Glad to see a post from you it’s been a minute :slight_smile:


One thing I noticed about the fluff bunnies is they usually hop on back to the church when sht gets real or when they get scared :scream: lol


I actually prefer fluff bunnies. They suck but at least they don’t make idle threats all day long. I’ve seen more dick measuring between edgelords on Facebook than anything lately. And none of them are actually capable of cursing a peanut butter sandwich, much less a human. They just want to appear powerful and threatening. No one respects that, and they don’t respect themselves enough to be true to who they are. I’m not 100% my true self as I’m still dealing with my shadow somewhat. But I’d like to see both snowflakes and edgelords strive for a bit of maturity and self respect. If you’re practicing real magick you’re gonna be forced to grow, and when I see grown folks acting like children, it’s a clear indication that there’s no real power in their “practice”. Genuine pathworking, spirit pacts, and various forms of spiritual alchemy will cause transformation. Part of that transformation is emotional maturity and mastery of self. Spiritual racism against certain classes of entities as well as fear and judgment of certain flavors of magick are also clear indicators that your practice is fluff. It’s the result of bias and brainwashing from fear-mongering religions and social stigmas.


Agreed. An interesting thing I have noticed is that militant Wiccans (actual military) tend to be pretty normal. Having some of life’s most brutal realities seems to knock the fluff right out of them.


Morality is subjective, what is moral for you might not be moral for someone else and vise versa.

Hmmm… That’s one of the most idiotic thing a magician can do.

:laughing: I don’t know why but this sounds so funny and cute :rofl: Thanks for posting this!

I have seen many fluff-bunnies here but haven’t seen even a single Edgelord, probably because I’m new, are there any active Edgelords here? :thinking:


On the curse sections there are, and all the fluff comes from spells of magic haha


Edgelords will eventually trip over their own ego


well I do have a problem with the atheistic Satanist who use it just a symbol and disregard magick there is nothing wrong though imo working with dark gods because they hold more power


@TheGreyGuy I agree. Morality is indeed 100% subjective. But there is a difference between someone who actually has a moral compass (whatever it may be) and someone with no morals whatsoever.

There are quite a few edgelords here but I won’t name names. Don’t care to break the forum rules or start unnecessary drama. Lots of awesome magicians too!

@LucifugeAzazel Most powerful according to you. The most powerful spirits in my experience, transcend light and dark, existing on a different playing field.


Lots of comments missing the point…


You forgot Type Number Three:

The Guru Cult Leaders/ Cult Leaders Wannabes.

These are the types that are constantly trying to position themselves as a Mentor to as many people as possible because they want the ego stroke of a position of authority. Usually they have no actual power and are just preying on the young and Naive.



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I believe some people have despicable traits of degeneracy and weakness, but I don’t believe in morals personally. I believe that because man is truly just another animal, that there is no special reason why they have to be more moral than others and usually those who claim to be are secretly malicious, spiteful and completely self serving when it suits them anyways. I agree completely that cursing people unless it’s needed is probably a waste of energy, but maybe some people find it empowering to sacrifice in this way and are actually powerful enough to pull it off. I don’t know.
I personally don’t fuck with people until they fuck with me first, there’s no shortage of people that used to fuck with me, so I’ll gladly use vampyrism on them.
Yeah I’m kind of an ‘‘edgelord’’ I guess. I respect your post though.