OMG the things you see and hear as you progress

I’ve been doing a lot of Sun/Saturn research and that branches out into all kinds of demons, aliens and world being controlled by a select few informational paths.

More or less just got done watching something that not only backed up/confirmed somethings but also was a great example of what its like being able to…“hack” into the System being used.

There is no “fighting” this thing. Well, you could and people do but you will just die ragged and tired. Submitting is not pleasant and in my opinion “rewards bad behaviors” that aren’t fair and not right.

But the way things are set up, you can tap in and syphon off the System and oh my oh my, it is totally within the “rules” and really fucks with the ones that are suppose to be “running” the system.

Saturn is a fucking hard nose, no tolerance, these are the fucking rules enforcer that you seriously do NOT want to piss off. But obey the rules and your “place” in the rules and the world is your play ground.

Until you fuck up.

So…don’t fuck up.


Lol too late for me :joy:

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I’d say the say in many aspects but I’m still here. So far…

You do realize this system is literally a giant astral supercomputer that is guarded right?

(No dont pm me asking a shit ton of more questions)


No dont pm me asking a shit ton of more questions)


Not you @Epsilon_The_Imperial

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The paranoia is strong with me today :sweat_smile:

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You mean Kaih-Rah though? Didn’t he already get fucked over by some Void entities and become the Demiurge?

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Why would I PM you to ask a shit ton of more questions when 1) I know. 2) I’m already getting the answers at a pace I can handle and 3) PMing people and publicly asking about this shit is not productive.

So no worries about me latching on and humping your leg cuz OMG!*squee!*It’s what you do! (I am so past that phase).

But yeah. It’s…interesting. So obvious and yet so obscure. Like hiding a needle in a needle stack.

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Nope. This is something completely different.

If you scry into the Astral deep enough you will see a black and red supercomputer. Guarded by…you guessed it, Androids.

Why the hell do you think our phones are called Androids?


I feel like we are Morpheus and Neo in the matrix @4Riders :joy:

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Enochian is one way to Access the programminv, but the supercomputer is almost inaccessible. Not cause IT cant be accessed, but the Androids are not affected by our Black Magic

We will have to evolve to Techno-magical means (GSM networks, cell phone towers, astral counterparts of OS’, etc) in order to come close to fighting them

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Instead of creating servitors (human shit),
We create Viruses and programs (techno Shit)

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If a woman with a rabbit tattoo comes knocking on my door asking if I want to go clubbing I will laughing for days.


Instead of Divination (human shit)
We HACK (Techno shit)

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4Riders: quick thoughts

  1. hacking would be, for example, tweaking a spell out of another spell because you’re rewriting the program. One realm of astral is extremely open to that.

  2. syphoning the energy may be more appropriately called malware.

  3. a trojan would be if you, say, put a thought bubble into someone’s head. Or did a slow working under the radar curse (to get past protections). Or anything that would act like the Trojan horse did.

  4. The power of perspective is awesome. :-p

Wondering if Saturn the planet with the hexagon that Icke feels is a super computer working to hold down our vibrations is most likely different from Saturn, as in The Saturn. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:


I.T. techs are way ahead of the game than us, they just need to apply that shit magically


Did someone summon the IT guy? Im ahead of what now?


Read the above posts lol