Okay PROVE it's not an Imposter / Parasite!

Basically it’s been said before (above-In many ways) but it’s pretty simple. You banish and get rid of all spirits from your space. All of them. You protect yourself with shields and wards, then evoke the entities that they are supposed to be, and not the ones that were there. Be it Lilith or Lucifer or whoever. You get rid of whoever is there, then go to the trouble to properly evoke the correct entity, with no intentions of evoking what was previously there. If they show up in a different form than the form you had previously with you, then you clearly probably have been fckd with.

However if you intend to evoke the entities you banished, rather than making clear intentions to get the true entity, you will only evoke the entities you had to begin with, and can’t learn a damned thing about whether or not it’s who it says it is, or is the real entity.

Personally I challenge you to prove a servitor whose IMAGE is based on MLP IS NOT effective for others. Her form, programming and soul are not based on MLP, and if you bothered to look at the rest of the thread, replies, journals etc of individuals that have used her- you would see it’s only her image that is based on MLP, and why it is.

There are pretty specific reasons why that image was chosen, and most of it had to do with being able to identify if the summoner got the correct entity or not when they summoned her. But then there are other factors, such as a large number people requesting images that would never be scary, that it’s always the same and that it was family friendly for sensitive children. I also just personally thought it was cute, as most of my servitors images are, be they a dog or a pony that is requested from me. Image has no baring on the skill set of a servitor, and I’ve made baneful images for servitors that were damned cute little fckers.

She has nothing to do with MLP other than image, and nothing to do with supposed occult magic related to MLP, and was actually empowered after creation from my own energy- by a DEMON, and then later given a soul by a DEMON.


To be clear to everyone, it is not just the Lilith thing, this is a major trend on the site I have been finding that I am constantly seeing as of late and feel ‘this’ is bringing people down.

It’s not so much a trend if you took the time to actually ask why, because a few people offered things to newbies and with it a lot of parasites started showing up. So it’s not bringing anyone down nor is it a trend. A handful of newbies jumped at the chance for free services of guides/familiars and some turned out to be parasites.


I dunno, E A says once you evoke the gatekeepers they are always with you.
Spirits can bilocate and often do.

If I ask them to quit bugging me in a way they often do, sometimes they continue to, it sort of depends.

@anon48079295 and @Angelb1083

I should do a post on core energetic signatures.
This won’t help the paranoia of the community,
but I myself could just about mimic the energy of one of these entities,
I have painted my own energy with these signatures.

If the demon wants to let another pretend to be it, it could borrow the signature.
I’ve taken on signatures before.

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Mimicking the energy of a being does not really make your core change though, part of energy work as a foundation is learning to scan, but many skip over it simply because they want to play with entities before they’re ready.


Hell, part of the reason we figured out where a large portion of the problem was coming from, and how it was spreading so easily throughout most of our newbies, was due to the fact a few regulars signed up for that exact same offering. But it didn’t take long either to trace it back, when the people signing up for free services by certain members, suddenly had parasites a few days to weeks later either.

Oops missed this part, can’t wait till my new glasses come, broken ones make it harder to read things well and fix my typos…

This sums it up well, a few people were intentionally spreading parasites, particularly to newbies but got a few regulars too, thusly it has been more of a topic the last few months, because it’s been a serious issue that we’ve been working to clean up and help with- Often in pms and offsite, after these members realize they need help.


You said it better then men. I would like to add. It’s like out DNA someone can pretend to be me all long have surgery to look like me learn how to speak and sound like me but they can not make the blood and DNA be the same as mine. I have come across some amazing fakes but I. The end at their core they can not be the demon or entity they are trying to be.


I apologize if I was too mean to @Keteriya or Luna.
It’s nice to know its not piggy backing on the mlp energy too much, did I understand that right?

Okay if I call Luna how will I know it’s not an imposter Luna?
In some ways this is what it’s like for me when I evoke these spirits with their enn and suddenly people say it’s an imposter because they don’t want to accept the spirit in question may have an ugly side.

On the other hand signatures aren’t the entities real essence. it is like clothes or wearing an avatar for them. I have proven this for myself.

So I think we are either being too paranoid or not paranoid enough.
It is an interesting situation.

It is like clothes they put on, the energy signature, I’ve done it myself.

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Her image. It’s very distinct and she will only come in that form, period, and will always have distinct markings on her hind quarters. The colors she appears in vary, but almost always included at least one shade of purple.

She has nothing to do with MLP, I just thought it was cute and fit the requests I had for when I made servitors for the forum. People wanted to it not ever appear scary, have a set form and be kid friendly as far as appearance went. I also had someone request a male pony a few days prior and was like oh, this is real cute, I’ll make the forum’s servitor similar in appearance. But like I said, I’ve made baneful servitors meant to cause harm, that I gave damned cute forms to, so don’t let the form fool you, it’s just the image she is bound to.

She was given a divine soul by a demon, so that should be pretty easy to sense out as well, if you are familiar with scanning.


Yep yep.
I have had humans try to be other humans. I was like aww that’s so cute :rofl::see_no_evil:


In the astral I could take on the energy of other demons is what I am saying,
The demons and I would probably argue over it for hours and I would decide not to cause theres no point but they showed me, the signatures are just a mask. I have put them on myself before. It’s a vibration state that they can and do swap with at times.

A signature is what comes from the core, you can copy the outerlayer of energy but the internal energy not so much, it’s easy to trick newbies with it but a demon who can sense energies would see through it.


She was formed with my energy completely and totally and has no correspondence to MLP, MLP Magic, occult practices or energy-other than image, in case I was not clear before.

She was then empowered by a demon to better do her tasks, then later given a divine soul from that same demon, due to the members spreading parasites attempting to hijack her. I didn’t take that very kindly and neither did Morax- the demon who originally empowered her.

He gave her a soul that cannot be tampered with, or hindered and she is bound to her programming- permanently.


Very interesting, I’m not sure I understand your view, I could copy the signature but not the personality very well? Is that what you are saying?

No the core of the being cannot be copied, but the outerlayer can.

To put it simple you can copy the appearance (outer layer of their energy) but you cannot copy their fingerprint/dna (their core energy) and a demon worth their salt should know how to tell a fake from a real by that.


Do I need to make a list of all the beings I have done this with?
How do you know their core energy can’t be copied?
I have experienced multiple entities mimicking exact fingerprints on a number of occasions.
I’m am learning the secrets on how they do this.
This also how love spells work too, they drop what we call ‘honey’ on people in large amounts
with whispers.

Copying their outer energy to appear as them in the astral isn’t copying the core energy and I know because I’ve spent years with soul/core manipulation (triggering fragmentation, corrupting one, healing one, unthreading it, so on) and met many who think they copy the core energy but it turns out they only copy the outer layer, not even these beings copy the core energy they copy the outer layer. Issue is many don’t learn to scan so they are easy prey to imposter spirits both thoughtforms and living entities and confuse the energetic fingerprint with a simple energetic overlay which isn’t the same thing.

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Well not just that thread…:thinking: