Oils to open third eye

Are there any oils that can be used to help open the third eye? Being trying the magnet trick that someone pointed me to awhile back. Just wondering if there’s some sort of oil that can be used


Rose, neroli, frankincense, sandalwood, jasmine, elemi, lavender and melissa


Camphor is supposed to be helpful. S. Connelly recommends anointing your Ajna with Tiger Balm prior to divination.


All good? Any particular recommendations?

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Rub lavender oil on the middle of your forehead a little above your eyebrows. That should do it



  1. Focus on your third eye between your eyebrows.
  2. Keep doing it until you feel a pressure then try to make the pressure stronger by trying to "make it feel stronger"
    3.Keep doing step 2 until you feel a vortex or a rotation on your third eye it will feel like its drilling into your head
    4.Eventually, it’s gonna feel like it’s in the center of your head this drilling.
    5.Imagine an Indigo, purple, or green light in the center of your head (whichever color you prefer the third eye may manifest in a multitude of colors these are the most common and most potent)
    6.Imagine this light being pushed to the surface of your forehead (force it)
    7.then imagine an eye on your forehead opening and glowing with light
    (or you can imagine a galaxy spinning anything like that)
    8.Look into your mind’s eye and imagine an eye (that is your third eye’s manifestation)
    It takes a different look for everyone
    For some people, it looks like a normal
    Others it’s like a Draconian eye
    In my case, it looks like the cross of an eye and a galaxy
    It’s pretty random just go with what you see.

Do this for 2 weeks every day and you will see results by 14 days.
Continue this for up to 6 months and you will see things like auras and even spirits full materialized in solid shape.
(note that if it gets too intense take a break and make sure your third eye is clean of any toxins and avoid fluoride)

These binaural beats work to decalcify your third eye (Tested and it works great the only one I’ve seen on youtube that works)

These Binaural are Amazing for meditation on the third eye
This guys youtube channel is very underrated he makes awesome shit
that and he goes beyond the 7 main chakras and into the higher chakras
(Pm me if you wanna know more about these higher chakras)


Actually I have these on while I sleep on regular basis Maybe not these is specific but the long ones that are auidal based for sleep

I do perform the third eye meditation with indigo candle also

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Short meditations are a lot more potent then elongated ones
or binaural beats during sleep.

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Alternative point of view:

Third eye is not physical. It either refers to the Ajna Chakra, or anything of that nature depending on your paradigm. There are many purposes to open the third eye. Why do you want to open it? If you want to see spirits, then exercise your magickal imagination. That’s how you open it.

People who say, “You need to buy X, Y, and/or Z” to open the third eye are just looking for a way to grab some quick buck out of ya.

All the power you need is in your mind.


I hear that- it’s sorta like well I have to sleep to something.

I hear what your saying. I am curious as to the physical use of pineal gland. But yes I agree all said. I guess stroking with a broad brush it could be summed up as tuning in to “things”

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I guess I don’t know what you mean by avoiding fluoride? I mean I’m being serious here but are you suggesting I not brush my teeth? Even the water has fluoride additives around here in the city?

If it is a concern there are toothpastes without fluoride.

Get flouride free toothpaste and preferably a water filter that removes flouride. Otherwise drink distilled water. And if you can stand it, 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar a few times a day.


I Usally mix the cider in a glass of water or lemon or mint tea. But my tastes are a tad strange.

I mix it in water and suck it down fast. It’s not unbearable especially after the first few days.

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This is uncharted territory for me. Apple cider vinegar? Please do tell. Guess I’ve never studied toothpaste a whole lot- just assumed it all has fluoride. Naturally I’m curious not debating. Why no fluoride and why apple cider vinegar?

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Flouride calcifies the third eye. Anything chemical or junky does the same but think about the residue left in your mouth. Flouride is toxic and is even in rat poisoning. Apple cider vinegar works to decalcify the third eye. There are other things too that work but this is basic and easy enough to change in your daily routine.