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I’m working with DOM now…from your experience with these demons, who would u say is easiest to connect to who can help break a very strong relationship that’s causing a lot of family grief? Theres some demons there who simply cause hatred between 2 individuals and then there’s those who change the minds of people and make them see their errors to perhaps make tje person break up themselves…and then theres some that can completely bind a person to your will. Which way would you go about getting the end result without seeking methods?

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This is what I’m talking about! So hard to not get into methods! I’ve had success with Marquis Leraje, Earl Andromalius and Prince Glasya Labolas with this kind of thing. It’s not necessarily permanent but I’ve found that with enough emotion behind it, it definitely can be. At least once for me seems to be permanent.

My advice is to work with one that you feel drawn to and build a relationship there. State your intent and even a formal petition if you wish but ask for wisdom first. You might find a quick and eager “No problem!” Or you might get insight how to proceed. I’ve had spirits steer me to other spirits all the time. I hope you’re able to resolve your issue easily! Either way you’re about to gain valuable experience.


Also, Angels of Wrath has some good work along these lines.

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Duchess Gremory

I have had a very successful petition with Gremory over the last few months. I have asked her to open up her aspect in me. I’ve also asked for help in attracting someone specific. Both petitions have been very successful. I have read that Gremory is related to the jinn and this has no true gender. I have always experienced the female aspect of this spirit. I’m sure it’s different for everyone…

Like all love/lust spirits I found it wonderful to be in her presence. I have felt her hand on my shoulder and heard her speak from behind me. My evocations have been successful and the dreams have left me waking up sweaty and breathless in the best way. Sometimes playfully far from an orgasm and absolutely charged with sexual energy for a couple days. I can hear her laugh at times as I go about normal business and am trying to ignore the fact that I’m buzzing with energy. (As always I find these lessons involve laughing at myself at the end. Humility seems to go a long way when learning.) Each dream has had a clear lesson in forging deeper connection to myself or others and I’m grateful as these things are so successful in real life.

I asked her to incite lust in someone the next time our eyes met and it worked much better than I expected. I know this woman well. She’s confident and I would say composed in every situation I’ve ever seen her in. I arrived at an event, walked up to our small group and was hugging, saying hi to everyone. She was saying something to me and the words were caught in her throat when our eyes met. She smiled and recovered as I gave her a friendly hug that had her sighing and lingering. She spent the rest of the day finding ways to be leaning into me and our easy friendship became more when charged with the Duchess’ power. I’m sure it is the same wonderful feeling of satisfaction and desire coursing through her body that I get when I’m in the presence of this spirit. Since this happened I’ve spent much more time with the Duchess and understand these types of things are a mere hint of her power.

It was a happy introduction. Often I will present an issue to a spirit that is new to me. I find that asking for wisdom and a little help while sharing a good drink is a very successful way to get to know each other. Even more intense spirits have responded very positively to this even though they are not at all warm and fuzzy. I’ve found that no spirit has ever been impatient to move on.

I’ve found the Duchess to be kind and patient. I’ve worked with many of the Goetia concerned primarily with love and lust. They’ve all literally set my nerves on fire with their energy but I do feel like the feeling around power transfer is different for each of them. They are powerful in similar ways but have different perspectives.

Duchess Gremory is more than lust. She understands the connections between and within people and she can teach you to be “tuned in” to the things that lay beneath a person. I think of it like connecting dots of many different aspects of a person. Obvious things like mannerisms and less obvious things that you might normally overlook seem to knit together a pattern that gives you a better intuitive sense of the person. This is wonderful for all types of interactions. Fantastic when it comes to sex but equally important when destroying enemies as well. The Duchess has brought this insight to light through both mundane and magick teaching. I’ve come across books etc that have been immensely valuable. I’ve also had wonderfully instructive dreams. Either playback of interactions with people or potential interactions with people. Some are obviously sexual but focused on highlighting small details and then connecting them to paint a picture of the person or connection. Others are more normal interactions but all are so valuable. I love how this sits somewhere between an analysis and pure emotional intuition. It’s kind of like sensing the combination of the two and being able to pull volumes of understanding from it.

Thank you Duchess. I’m happy to have your help, power and wisdom. I’m grateful for you allowing me to connect to you so seamlessly and for revealing power to me in new ways. I can’t wait to see what we get into next…


I liked Gremory big time (she also came as a woman to me). She was straightforward with me and told me right from the start that I would lack a heart (in some way she is kinda right with that). But she helped me, nonetheless :slight_smile:

Come on @A_Pariah! You’re all heart! That’s why you’re dangerous :slightly_smiling_face: I get that though. It’s a strange thing to hear and resonate with. I definitely appreciate when they are direct. I’m currently working with someone who is having fun at my expense, but nonetheless I’m learning and he’s doing as I’ve asked…humble is good though.

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Ah, I think that Shax had much fun at my expense, I still haven’t figured out what has been so funny all along :thinking:

Yes, but in the way she spoke to me it made so much sense. And she healed my dire headache in order to continue the evocation properly, in mere seconds. Gremory is awesome :heart:


Earl Andromalius DELIVERS

I mentioned that I work with the Earl to ward off basic drama from people and expose them if they’re “plotting” against me. It’s not any huge protective thing, but more a way to expose bad actors. I mentioned before how the Earl has always delivered and has done so quickly. This time I’ve noticed he’s downright making people unsettled.

Being at the head of a couple of organizations, it’s normal to have dedicated detractors, naysayers, haters and the like. I actually encourage it as it keeps me honest, exposes gaps and weaknesses in my plans and even brings out talented people. There are people out there who are simply happiest when tearing away at “the man” and then there are people who want to see things work better. I digress.

I’ve been approached by six different people in slightly different ways over the past week. Each of them was visibly nervous to bring up their subject. A couple straight out said they were “walking on eggshells.” This is hilarious to me because both have literally been extremely vocal against some of my direction and I’ve not even given them a dirty look for it. I can only assume that the vitriol behind it has them feeling guilty…OR EARL ANDROMALIUS. The other four admitted to trepidation in dealing with me in some way, though I’d never had conflict with them or even so much as re-directed their efforts.

I’m looking into the whole situation to make sure I’m not fucking up and being a dick by accident. I think you should only do that kind of thing on purpose…and frankly it hardly ever helps create a successful culture.

For all you BALG folks though, I think the Earl is magnificently rude and reckless in serving these people a good dose of fear. I think he detects the malice behind what they’re saying and even though the action is mild, keeps them far away from anything destructive.

I’m not happy that this is going on at all in these orgs, but I will say that I am humbled and grateful that Earl Andromalius is such a great help.



You just made me laugh thank you very short story…not that long ago a few months back when I was on the fence about taking this and making in it a significant part of my life …my GF was riding in my truck with me (the big rig kind) and she is a self procalmed right hand path umm seer or mystic witch thing …she really didn’t know …anyway she would tell me all my bad luck was cause I had some dark shit riding my back and I actually agreed …(another story) so decided to get a cheap ass hotel room using some sage I cleaned the room I used salt and water as well. I took a black candel small one scratced in it pain anger frustration and a white one put in it love peace calm…I took an extension cord from the wall of the room and started whipping my left forarm while calling the enteity or group of 3 I think …the thought was using my blood as like a shark bate I called them …when I was sure we were not alone I basically said I had enough of their shit f I had called them in the past it was in ingnorance and now I am sending bthem away in wisdom…and told them to go and feast all they want on anyone who harbors I’ll will hate for me …I put it the back candel light the white one and said some hoky shit to try to bring nice things
Well from the next day on my fucking GF her luck turned to shit hahahaha like to this day she can’t seem to catch a break we parted ways I told her to just let go of her I’ll will to me and I’m sure she would be fine hehehe your tile and story compelled me to share this with you and I’m actually laughing out load again lol hahaha have a great night or what ever it is their


Duchess BUNE
Ok…so I’m writing some insights that Bune has passed along but before I post that. I just want to say I spent the better part of a day with her over the weekend. I learned so much but damn y’all…Bune is like constantly listening to soul music intoxicating… A bit like this…


Great title

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Question, do you use the sigil from the book as well or other sigils?

I’ve done both. I usually use the sigil from the book.

Duchess Bune - The Flow of Wealth

I’ve been working with Duchess Bune fore some time now. At first it was just specific issues I asked for help with. Now, it’s much more than that. It is surprising the breadth and depth of Bune’s power and interest. For now, she’s taught me something powerful about wealth and I’ll share it here. This may be obvious to many people, but as someone who gets fired up and really wants a project to work, it was good for me to hear in this fashion.

She’s recently taught me that not every project needs to be wildly successful. In fact, some projects really only have a certain reasonable tangible results. Recognizing the real potential of a project when you start is immensely important so you don’t end up spending an inordinate amount of time on the wrong project. In addition, the steady but maybe lower revenue producing projects can lead to bigger projects. The point is to control your attention and be ruthlessly honest with yourself about what’s important at any given moment.

The second point is that multiple revenue streams should always be the goal. She showed me rivers flowing into larger rivers as a metaphor. It was a particularly brilliant dream as the sunlight reflected green and gold off the water and the largest river was like the Mississippi but clean and clear. Our goal shouldn’t be to dam up and store those revenue streams but ensure that we’re in sync with them and that they’re properly directed toward our goals. She really emphasized the flow of things…(so much water imagery)…and that one should construct the web of their streams to be agile and flexible so as to easily handle changes in goals or the environment. This really makes sense with what Halphas showed me about organizations. It’s simply a system of organizations rather than a single one.

Ok…this may not be revolutionary stuff, but it’s been timely for me and I promised to pass it on. I hope it helps someone. Thank you duchess…



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Thank you!

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Whats your experience with Foras? Can you go into details on that working, the results, and what he was called for?

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Foras and Success

Hey! Sorry this took so long. This was a really simple set of requests. I used ritual 1 to make the requests and then ritual 2 to gain the needed wisdom. I asked for help capturing funding for a project and that included 1. Gaining insight into what the key players think. 2. To make a set of key players I successfully worked with in the past to Be once again fascinated with my work. I offered the usual in the form of drinks and the joy of being with me as success happened. It all worked. He helped me gain insight and these folks embraced me as one of their own. I’m over simplifying a bit but it was a pretty simple op. I can say if you haven’t done this long it’s important to ask for wisdom and spend some time listening as your petitions are working. I get messages directly, in dreams and through mundane circumstances. Spending a little time asking for wisdom with ritual 2 while things are working really helps. Oh and booze…I just feel like a good shared drink goes a long way in all circumstances. Hope that helps. Cheers.


When you asked for wisdom during the Evo what was that like? Did you feel a presence or anything, or was it mainly just doing the ritual, and then the coming days you got the wisdom you needed? Thanks for the info!