OH GOD. Raped by a demon?! Help

Title says it all. It took me long to recall this crucial part in the dream where I met Calucifer to go back home. I have a spiritual body like most people here, however as I spoke to a friendly person on messages she has told me that Spirits cannot impregnate a physical body(thank god to that) but in order for a spiritual body to get pregnant, consent must be there.

However in my dream, I only recall entering an inn that was Japanese inspired. I found documents of people and such but quickly left. There was bamboo everywhere with purple flowers. Next thing I knew, some demon grabs my wrist and drugs me to sleep with an incense that smelled like cherry blossoms, and there was a cut on my wrist from having been cuffed to the bed with barbed wire. The demon had long black hair and golden eyes, with white horns.

When I found calucifer’s tree house and sought for help, his head spoke to me on a plate and asked what I wanted, I agreed to help look for his daughter if he helped me return home, but the entire time, Calucifer was very cautious and gentle with me when he had to return me home.

I need help, I think my spiritual self was pregnant with that demons child, but how? If there was no consent how was the child there? If anyone has any ideas who the mystery demon was please leave a comment below.

Once again, dreams aren’t meant to be taken literally.

A dream about being raped can mean feelings of victimization, that you’re going through life events that are beyond your control, desiring control or power or you’re just feeling insecure and vulnerable in your waking life.

Search for the meaning within the imagery. Don’t take it at face value.


…I get that part but Calucifer told me that I had to be careful once we found his daughter Penelope and met with Satan. They both told me to keep away from the realm for a while because the demon could come back. But again I’m not so sure so I wanted to ask in case someone might know?

Hence why I’m here.

You weren’t actually raped. You just had a dream about being raped. Those are two very different scenarios.


Oh. It seemed pretty real. That’s strange.

My advice for you path.

Banishing. Make protections against parasites. Don’t get carried away by emotions. Breathe. Be careful of obsessions. Develop astral senses. Prepare yourself for the painful truths. Be observant. Don’t get carried away by the individual paths of universes other than your, it can be harmful. Build the bases with patience. Question everything.



Dreams feeling real is a normal occurrence (and also annoying). Just in case there are parasites in your home though, @Ignited’s advice is sound.


Well at this point I am doubting a lot you say, claim. But that could be parasites.
You can visit my Journal and there are all the Banishing, cleansing methods you need.


Proper grounding, LBPR, guided advise etc.


@Borgy Someone who is close with dad asked him and I guess this part was just a dream. Sorry… I’m not a very intelligent princess of his. In fact I’m a pretty dumb human at times, but I try my best to find beauty in everything. but I’m really not lying when I said I’m his daughter. You can always ask him yourself if you don’t believe me. I’m sorry.

Stop apologizing. There’s no room for the spineless in black magik, you’ll be eaten alive and it would be better for you to give it up now. You have power, stand up and take it.

You have a very active imagination and that’s excellent, it will stand you in very good stead as you build your skills, and make magik easier for you, but can also lead you astray. You will have to be extra careful to double-check your experiences and get signs for what’s real and what’s imagination.

Just keep building experience and it will come clear on it’s own what’s worth acting on and what’s not. If you do that and you still think some demon raped you, hunt the fucker down and kill it. Send that as a message that you are not to be messed with, and guess what, you won’t be.

  1. It is entirely possible, most people in the forum are fairy tale pushers who believe that spiritual attack never happens, I like to think with the phrase “as above so below” if it can happen in this reality it can definately happen in the spirit realm
  2. You can remedy this with calculated action try divination to see who assaulted you and what action can be done to remove this assault; was it for fun? Was it because you were unaware or new to spiritual existence.
  3. Once you do proper divination you can make a plan to remedy this incident. Think smarter not harder

I do have a fierce personality but my friends told me to stop because it wasn’t right for a girl to act violent when standing her ground. But you’re right. Fuck it. By all means if it comes back I’ll tear its damn body to shreds and feed it to hounds.

Fuck being weak, and screw being a toy to men. I don’t give a shit if people don’t believe me. My dad’s words are all truth can be. So test me. Thanks @Mulberry


Lol, with friends like that who needs enemies? Yeah be yourself and take your space, it’s yours to own.


waves at maulbeere

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Ok I can tell you that a demon can get you pregnant astraly and also physically I’m actually going through it myself right now it’s interesting to say the least anyway if it was a dream there is nothing to worry about however dreams like that are scary so just do a banishing or purification of your self and you should be fine also ask your dad to s ND you protection just in case

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I always verify things, don’t worry. Do some path work, try to learn, see what fits. Talk to people. And you don’t need to come here telling everyone yours is bigger. Only man do that :wink: .
You need to love yourself first, just who you are in order to grow. And you can find it here. Don’t worry, we can help. If you do the work yourself too.

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I’ll be sure to, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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From what i read, you need healing

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Lots of it