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I am having an identity crisis. I am stuck between science and conspiracy theory and my place of stability is chaos.

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Is this who you are talking about?
(20789) Prof. Sam Vaknin - YouTube


I watched Summoning Salt’s Super Mario Bros: The Human Limit and
response to it. It make it clear to me how much of a difference your tools can make. The most occult variant of software development is ROM hacking.

I wonder if anyone has become good at both open source software development and ROM hacking?

Finally, some realistic success ratios.

Gaede-Wolfram Nothing Theory

In this episode Bill Gaede asked what we should name the thread hypothesis when it becomes a theory. My proposed name is the Gaede-Wolfram Nothing Theory. They both are contemporaries who decided to take an object and turn it into nothing so they can do physics on it.

I reread my 2017 Assessment Report again. I saw something interesting. I had 2 ICD-9 codes. 299.00 which means autism, and 301.89 which had the comment “Other personality disorder, with paranoid features, provisional”.

I looked into Paranoid Personality Disorder.

Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD) has historically been neglected by science out of proportion to its prevalence or its association with negative clinical outcomes.

Translation: this label isn’t pushing product.


My ex was always on the paranoid side. Then during the pandemic it progressed to full on persistent delusions, as in believing things that clearly weren’t true such as that his brother, cousin and mother in law were coming for thanksgiving when they were not due to the pandemic. He also believed that the Illuminati cared about what books were in the house so he had to get rid of them. I think the line between just being paranoid, and then going completely delusional can be crossed under certain conditions, possibly involving pandemics and four monster energy drinks a day.


Jordan Peterson explains in this video how to rise to the top of the dominance hierarchy. Jordan Peterson’s answer is the heroic willingness to confront the unknown and share it to the rest of the group.

What if the group just doesn’t care what you have to say? Bring the whole game to an end. Destroy it.

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I just learned that Google Gives away 3 Site Reliability Engineering books and that the National Security Agency has a Software Reverse Engineering Framework. Look at that acronym collision. Both of them use SRE.


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I just installed 2 FanNicoo LED Corn Bulbs in my room because I knew my light quality was poor. I feel so much better instantly.

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Mathematics for non-Mathematicians may seem insulting as a title, but great book with practical exercises and to the point theory and formula and solution.


My working title is Mathematics for Chaos Magicians : with no subtitle.

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Source code may be overvalued by the Free Software Foundation.


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I actually like the police. I got a break from a fine just for appearing in court with the paper work proving I took care of the issue on Tuesday, and I got help with a emergency tow on Wednesday when I had weird power issues while driving and couldn’t find my roadside assistance paperwork.

Insurance is just another way to gamble legally. The last car I bought, I bought a service policy with it, and I am predicting that I am already going to be ahead monetarily.


I checked stack exchange. Gambling may be a term legally restricted to sportsball. united states - The legal distinction between gambling and insurance [USA] - Law Stack Exchange

The general term would be speculation.

The Game Prototype That Had to Be Banned by Its Own Studio