Offerings to Lucifer - How to present them?

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I’m new to the LHP and being new like I’m, of course there’s a lot of doubts in my mind, one of them is:

When one is going to offer something to Lucifer (like a poem), how should the person do the offering? I know that’s a really ignorant question to make, but there’s any ritualistic stuff that must be done when presenting the offering? Things finally started to move in my life during the last weeks and I wanted to do something to show I’m thankfull.

Sorry about my lack of information.


I’m a beginner as well but I have completed a few evocations with Lucifer. you don’t even really need an offering but it can help. U can just say thanks and leave it, or if u wanna get fancy on em you can write a blessing or prayer, but he will know what u mean if you leave it


No, you don’t have to do anything ritualistic. A simple, “I offer this to Lucifer, in appreciate and respect,” will suffice. if it is a food item or alcohol, usually you leave it upon your altar for 24-48 hours for the spirit to feed from. and then dispose of it in the Earth. In the case of something like a piece of art, you can say the same thing, and place the work upon an altar dedicated to Lucifer or, if you don’t have one, hang it in a place of honour in your home.

When I made an offering of wine to the Lady Lilith, I simply poured it into my chalice, held it up to eye level and stated, 'I offer this wine to the Lady Lilith, as a sign of respect and friendship." Then I left it on the table I use for an altar for 48 hours, before pouring it out upon the Earth.


You can simply say that you want to give the offering to him.

If it’s a poem, you can either read the poem to him, or put it somewhere for him to take the energy, or anything you want. Asking him how he wants the offering also helps.


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