Offerings for King Paimon

Does King Paimon like coffee, thats the only thing i have in my house now and i want to talk to him


You can call him and ask.

Offerings do NOT have to be given immediately.

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Thank you thats very nice what are the deadlines, 1 week, 2 weeks?


If you are just calling him up to speak to him for advice, you don’t need to give an offering at all.

If you are calling him to ask for his help with a task, then it is traditional to give the offering after the result comes in.


Ok thanks, just wondering when you call him, is it gonna work the first time you call him

Spirits always come when you call them.

However, if you are a complete beginner, you may not be able to hear or see him, so just assume he is there.

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And what happens if you fail to goive an offering


However, don’t promise something you aren’t willing to give. It will offend the great king and he may act against you, or simply refuse to work with you. Respect is paramount.

I generally don’t make offerings at all in my practice. Offerings come from the religion of demonolatry, which is something I don’t follow.

So never think that offerings are required, because they most assuredly are not. Spirits work with us because that is their purpose. They gain prestige through us, and love to have an opportunity to flex their power in the world.

Offerings are a gift, and a sign of respect, on the part of the magician, and should never be given as “payment” for a task, in my opinion.


Can i PM you for some advice and some questions?

Sorry, but as a new member you do not have the ability to send private messages.

However, I will PM you and you can respond. Unfortunately, it is 330 AM where I live right now so I won’t be able to respond until tomorrow.

Ok thank you, i just summoned him by repeatedly calling his name in my head, i asked for a nintendo switch and i dont know if it actually worked, i also asked for a sign to let me know if he is there, there is no sign rn so im questioning myself

Um…King Paimon does not bring material desires.

He teaches the arts and sciences, and can manipulate the mind of people on behalf of the magician.


Oh so can i ask him to manipulate my dad to buy me a nintendo switch

Yes, that would be a more appropriate task for the great king.

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Thank you, i can call him again right?

Yes. When do you, apologise for giving him a task not within his purview. Tell him you are a beginner, and are still learning. He’s pretty understanding about mistakes.

Just to be clear, you call him by thinking his name all over again with you ur eyes closed right?


Some people can do it that way, but those who have no established relationship with the spirit can’t.

You need to open his seal. Just thinking his name isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Here is some information on him, including his seal:

When I speak about “opening” his seal, this is the technique:

Wait so i havent been talking to him at all?

So he wasnt here at all?