Offerings for King Paimon

No, he most likely was not.

I’m sorry. I misunderstood what you were doing. I though you were repeating his name while gazing at his seal.

Repeating a spirit’s name in your head can make them aware of you, but in itself, it will not summon them. If it did, then anyone who has ever watched the movie Heredity, and thought about King Paimon, would end up summoning him.


Oh ok, well one more question, can i draw his sigil on a computer or with a pencil or get an image of it becaus i dont have black ink :frowning:


It is recommended that you trace over a printed seal with black ink to infuse your energy into it, but if you draw it in pencil then your energy will already be there and even an image displayed on your phone or computer can work in a pinch.

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Woah thats nice, so that means i can call him tonight with a picture on my ipad, thanks, and i wont see him the first time i call him right, he will be there but i cant see him right?

Making an effort to draw his seal will go a lot further with him than simply displaying it on your ipad, but, yes, it will work.

King Paimon appreciates it when you put time and effort into calling him. It shows respect, both for him, and for what you are doing. Magick shouldn’t be rushed. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

Now, it’s bedtime for me. Good luck!

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Yeah then i should draw it then, but i still dont have black ink, he is also an expert on love and lust right

And goodnight

No, I told you what his specialities are. King Paimon does NOT do love or lust, and really dislikes being called for those kind of things.

You don’t need to use black ink. You can use dark pencil. Ink simply makes the seal easier to focus on.

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Ok thanks

I’d also advice you to check the BALG FAQ or use the search function. As far as I can tell, all of your questions have already been answered elsewhere.


Couldnt really find it so yeah i posted it here

Actually if you type “BALG FAQ” or “King Paimon”, the first results are the posts I mentioned.

I have tried the 7 steps from
But its not working, the sigil didnt flash or appeared in 3 dimension, i also didnt feel the awareness, can someone help me


One drink King Paimon likes is tea! of course it will have to be any kind of tea, mint etc … but of course it has !honey preference, since sugar does not fall much in your taste,
whysugar is not sweet for him,you understand me?

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Good morning.
Yes . I give for he without troubles.

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