Offerings for Angels

Question for those of you who work with angels a lot. Do you have to leave them offerings? My daughter who practices a different type of magic keeps freaking out because I don’t leave the angels offerings and thinks that they are for sure going to kill us if I don’t leave them something.

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Angels often don’t really ask for offerings but you can leave them something, usually what you can be it a stone, food, flowers, incense, etc.


Really?? See if I felt like working with angels (I have bias towards them) then that would be awesome! Having to figure out what to offer/getting/making can be consuming.

I never saw them as the type to ask for offerings.

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No, I don’t give offerings to angels (or demons for that matter). However, traditionally, a white candle is lit for them.


It depends on the angel. Some want incense, some want video games, some want stuffed animals and some may want a simple candle. Stones are usually not preferred by angels - due to certain reasons. Oh, and the offering depends on the angel. You know that they also have children that may come to visit you. (They can have the same name as the parent - so don’t be confused. )

Can you explain that?

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And exactly how this works? You let the console on? Let the DVD on the altar? Seriously asking because I don’t get it.


I am not allowed to tell you sorry! Buuuuuut… Hekate might take some tho.

You know that they can manifest and some children want to have video games. They are a race just like humans. They can be physical or yeah… metaphysical! They can switch between those two states. And yes I prefer to work with children. ((Those adults are usually rather dull.)) They are as mighty as those adult ones.

I worked with Michael and all he really asked of me was to follow through with my work. But, I found that he really liked red candles and rocks for some reason. Incense is always a good omen as well.

Alrighty! :sparkles:

I always thought one should be completely quiet about secret knowledge and not put a statement out there and then claim the explanation is secret.


Red is his colour, along with blue I think

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It’s not secret knowledge. But if I am not allowed to then I am not allowed to. <3 This is something I am allowed to tell you. And if they do not prefer stones then they usually do not prefer stones it depends on the individual.

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I was just asking because you said “they usually” - and that sounds like you’re speaking for the majority of an entire race - and you implied that there are certain reasons.

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For a second there I thought I read they don’t prefer to get stoned

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Some do.

Huh…well, you learn new things every day

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Mhm! Red and blue he really likes :slight_smile:

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Maybe you should read Aristotle.

Ah, I am not really interested in reading sexist philosophy.

Well, you always need to view people embedded in the time they lived in. You cannot transfer them 100% to the 21st century and then accuse them of being sexist (or whatever, not going further due to politics)
If you treat knowledge like that you’re not allowed to read anything from the past, because you can always find something that does not fit into today’s standarts.