Offering virginity to Belial?

I’ve heard of some spirits and entities accepting virginity as an offering, but I wasn’t sure if Belial does. I’m not sure why, but something about Him stands out to me, and I sadly don’t have much to offer Him other than that. I have just one or two requests for him, and I would be more than happy to give up the v-card if it meant having those requests fulfilled.


He does. Just be sure you want to do that.


If you are a women(gender is equal, but it’s not!), understand that this a “pact-like” action. It is a full binding of your own sexuality being dedicated from the action of the offering. Your sexuality will be fully influenced by him. Beelzebub would be a great choice as well, but do know sister YOU WILL be a whore of the abyss in the material world and that energy alone in your auric field and aligned with your consciousness will intensively alter your entire perception of this reality. Lilith is another option as well

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My v-card was taken by a child-birth and protection goddess from Egypt :joy:. Did it alter my reality? Yes it did really-I could sense enegies better.

So, is it possible to give your virginity to Belial? Yes it is. Expect to be sore afterward though if you’re a girl and blood as well.

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Close. Greek name: Ailuros. Goddess in question was Ubasti/Bastet-she of the ointment jars

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