Offering intuition words, scan, tarot and runes

Hiya so yea thank for letting me get some work in, I’ll do general reading by senseing you then attempting to let intuition loose for a message for you then draw a card from the spirit animal Oracle deck. I answer questions through my monster tarot card deck and runes, will also just randomly throw in a scan especially if I have a moment and not to many people requesting stuff. So yea just let me know whatcha want. Ima bit tired but will be up for hours the mind state should help.
Also anyone that’s willing to scan or give a draw back would be awesome.


Damn wow that was weird not a single person wanting a reading I read the whole Info about A. E. K’s new collaboration lust book, the unbinding ritual thing stuck out to me, wish I had the kind of money needed to buy these books and actually learn these blessing that there trying to give us.


i mean im down if you get a chance later lol. I really just need to figure out the elements of my soul. Its for a new seal / sigil.

I start to scan myself I see a cloud of butterfly’s then a dragon strong and might zooms into view I’m riding it and have a mounted pedastool. I then see myself crouch down and as I do so the dragon dAdes away I place my hands on my head and slowly rock forward and backward, I have a epiphany like moment and all of a sudden start writting on the ground I try to think what it is I’m writting then eventually I see the writting turn into Liliths Sigil I felt happy as I watch the energy rising up from all around the sigil visable as a light red light riseing I then see the energy transform into purple smoke, I see a familiar image for Lilith but don’t get blessed with a vivid image of her she leeds me with a fingers become and I gladly follow all puppy dog like, I see myself as a puppy dog as I write that and she plays with me making me roll over and sit apperently I don like the one where food sits on your nose and I’m not allowed to have it. I try to transform back to human and I’m now an otter then a platapus I waddle and follow her still I slowly transform back towards man seeing the image for the neanderthal then I’m in a nice suit all of a sudden were at a event of some sort but I get excited and start looking all around and arms out so she bring it back to just me and her. I tell her I love her and that I shouldn’t stop the scan just because I have a customer then see the platapus again then just an egg giving me a great point to pause an egg being easy enough to recall to start again once I give a reading. Love you Lilith as I say this I see the egg cracking and I am now a skinny dragon inside the shell my sight is mainly in red and green not sure what element I am though, I see myself attempt to blw fire but it’s like dirt letting me know I’d be nature or earth, then I see a heart and it goes around my neck. I think about mother and see her hand enter and she gently rubs my throat and chin I bite but not actually bit her finger to play around she shakes me around playfully, paused to make sure she approved of the word playfully. I now see myself being lifted onto her shoulder then as I look forward everything goes cloudy we disapear and all of a sudden I’m back to the beginning image of being on the back of the dragon having a charib like standing place the dragon green and female nuzzles me with her head, I ask her to blow fire on me and not hurt me she blows green smoke I try to inhale it to get a buzz. I think onward and point then just see a cloud we fly to it then the dragon lays down on it and starts to nap. So I say thank you for the vews and the love and lay next to her to nap while I do a reading.


I’m down for a scan.

I’m down for one, what can you see

I seen green then a forest a little swampy so earth and darkness. Do you wAnt me to do a card pull about anything or want a general reading?

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Hm. Sure lets do a card pull. I have been hearing voices and hearing knocking by window around 1 - 3 in the morning. I suppose i would like to know something about that. Im not sure how to phrase that sentence lol. Its all started since reading the necronomicon.

Edit:the voices are throught the day aswell. (I know the knocks could be something natural but doesnt hurt to see lol)

Hi :wave: I’m open, hit me with that intuition :laughing:

I see a chained man a familiar appearence o him he magically releases a shackle on his hand it glows blue as it opens he then touches his face for a moment then uses a Bobby pin it seems to pick the other’s hands shackle then his feets. I wonder where the first place he would want to go is then see it change to a beautiful well lit forest but sorta open area there’s a doe but apperently not for long I’m not sure but I think it was you that appeared as a wearwolf and pounced it yes it’s you your eating it’s throat then start to play with the blood marking it down your head with two fingers your not quite wearwolf in appearence anymore no fur but a almost black completion. As I see you the image starts to change into a winged demon and then Into I think an image of Lilith the one used on the queen of wands from the spirit of Halloween tarot deck she and the winged masculine demon get close not sure to converse or to kiss then they start drawing sonthing on the ground I’ lose focus of it rather quickly after the Initial started as a eye like image, then a sigil flashes befor my eyes but I don’t recognize it all the way and can’t really recall it besides the star, as I write that I see a morning star style club. I think what oes he need to know then see a frog jumping then I get the image of the frog puffed up with cloak and crown on.

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I see a giant falcoln and an man standing shirtless his hair having a single piece standing up like a quails feather would, then a crocodile appears and bites towards the man but nothing is bitten the crocodile just rests there and the man being half way frightened isn’t sure what to do to avoid angering the croc, when I tried to see if it was a mount nothing appeared. I toss the crocodile a rabbit then a goose and me and the man walk off I then skink back into the background but then the man’s turns Into a fucking rabbit and the croc tries to eat him as a rabbit you hold the Crocs mouth open then kick it the croc starts to back away but still watching you flex your rabbit arm all huge muscle like a man’s at it the. Have a army helmet appear on your think if you want a carrot and then you give me super sad eyes so I give one but was allready giving it so the eyes aren’t needed were more for fun and personality I have the feeling the form of rabbit isn’t just because I fed the croc a rabbit and you wanted to over power it but has another significance I try to think about it and see a flying form start o appear but then just see a bat a fruit bat I offer a mango but it doesn’t react I think to double check that it’s still the same person and image the two and then they move together and the number 1 appears I wonder if they could be anything right now what oukd they be and get theinage of king Kong but not giant but I thought king Kong when I see it I think bannana so he squeezes one and shoots it at me, I tend to try to feed animals oviously, I wonder where are we going and all of a sudden a brick path appears my mind fucks up and thinks yellow and I have o get rid obthe image of a witch that’s not related the gorilla waves his arms over the image andit disappears then he shows me what the path actually looks like and it large bricks that are just covered with flowing blood I miss a step and am waist deep the path Leeds to a giant gate but it’s light behind it the gate is the typical oval top and bars and that’s the end of the scan the gorilla said no about if it shown what’s behind the gate.

A little weird so much animal, and not much demon or anything like that but I wouldn’t recognize enough types of demon I guess.


Thanks for the scan

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So I got the upside-down knight of cups which could just be to say what the spirit is cause that’s the Gynn card.

The Knight of Cups reversed continually looks for excuses or a way to blame his problems on someone else. He is not mature enough to realize that until he takes personal responsibility for the way things are in his life, he will continue to add to conflict rather than exercising his natural helping and healing powers.

I just copied it because I thought trying to rewrite that would be a bit weird I did a brief sense of what’s interacting with you and get the feeling it’s playful but might not be the type of play your hopeing for.

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You gotta be into yourself let yourself just ooze all over yourself and just giggle.

Lol sorta weird but ha that’s what comes to mind I don’t do the intuition often lol. I do channeling more often

If you could be a fruit you’d be a watermelon, which I’ll point out is actually a squash

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So which way is face up and I’m not familiar with that deck would it be a bother for you to give a tiny break down, Im still pretty newbie with tarot and all other forms of divination but I’m trying to learn and am putting in effort.

Thanx btw or the draws what would you like from me?

I would like a scan of my godform if it’s possible for you.

What type of play is it do you think? Also you said gynn card. Is that the same as Djinn? I thank you as always!

The high priestess is face down

Yea same thing, and as in they just want to interact I’d be playful, but be weary of giving offering cause Djinn ivehurd can tend to just move right in if there getting offering and be hella hard to get rid of

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