Offering help with job, education and money

Hello there,

I was thinking of something that I really would like to try. Since I have a very close relationship with Bune and I know how efficient he can be, I was wondering if I could ask him to help others as well. I consider myself a beginner but I would like to see if I am capable of doing rituals or meditations for others as well.

From what I’ve experienced, Bune can help you get the kind of job you want, as long as you keep it realistic and take steps towards it. It may take a while, I had to wait for like 4 months or so and had to go through many rejections until I finally got exactly what I asked for. He can also grant other boons, such as small financial or professional gains in a rather short time period.
Another thing I’ve seen him do is help you with education. He can grant wisdom and steers you towards a solution without you even noticing it. I am doing my masters degree right now and I have yet to fail an exam. The ideas he gives you will guaranteed get you admiration from both peers and superiors.

Would anyone be interested in this experiment? I was thinking of offering aid to three people tops and see how it goes, free of charge of course. Please let me know and I’ll try to respond when I get off from work. I take it discord would be perfect for further communication if you are using that.


Making back the 50000 I spent last year would help :rofl:lol for real I would like help. I been so caught up with love spells for my ex that I could use one to help myself. @yaldaba0th when you have the time I’d like to speak with you. I have discord

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I would love Bune’s help with education.

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Sure, I’ll see about it when I get home, sadly my shift just started. Do tell me more what you need and how you’d like for it to jappen!

I can try, what do you study? Got an exam coming up soon?

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Not really. Just trying to finish this Diploma I am doing. lol. If he could speed things up, that would be perfect.

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And thank you so much. :slight_smile:

Sure, I’ll see what I can do, PM me your discord and we can talk more when I get home!


Well 50000 maybe unrealistic but it’s something I will need as the months progresses (taxes etc) and that’s about it. Only other thing I need is my ex back but that’s another subject. I will explain more on discord

I would like bune’s help in education and wisdom

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Can’t pm cause I’m still new but my discord is thatguy21

Sadly Bune can’t really help with love, as much as I’d like but we can see about taxes, PM me discord and I’ll reply when I get home!


Sure, what are you studying? What kimd of jelp do you need?

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I’m definitely interested . I am just recently becoming familiar with daemons. However I think I did briefly read about bune in “the book of black magic” by Arthur Edward waite.

Can’t pm since I’m new but discord the same as my username here :slight_smile: thanks a lot

Excellent, what are you looking for? PM me your request and discord and I’ll see what I can do. I got a few requests already so I’ll have to see who to pick!

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I’ll pm u :slight_smile:

I would like his help. I want to go back to school to get another associates degree. I applied for my financial aid and I’m still waiting…
The extra money that I would be getting back would benefit me greatly with my bills.

Just got home, I feel quite exhausted but I’ll try to at least add everyone who posted today on discord. I was planning on a more extensive ritual for Bune tomorrow and I’ll petition for as many as I can. Hopefully the results will manifest soon even though we’ll be doing it over the web!

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Sure, send me a pm and I’ll give you my discord!