Offering healing and "scanning"

I will yes. You can catch all live sreams

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We live

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You still scanning? I’m an absolute emotionless fool with no drive, that’s how I see it

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I am. When I’m not busy at work i can hook you up

I’d be interested in a scan. If you still have time :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry brother, I got busy. Hmu donyou still need me

Been busy but him back for a wee bit

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Hi,if you have time,can you scan me,i think that i have three sucubae with [email protected]

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Right knee. Right hip bone. Left pinky. Right elbow slightly above the elbow. And jaw line

They seem more like Charlies. Very defensive and territorial

Huh? Um, what does that mean? Sorry, don’t understand.

Sorry that was what i picked up when i scanned you.

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is it still going on? if so, I’d be interested in a scan

Thank you,are three of them,and what you mean with that Charlies?@telgega

Sorry i meant to type harpies

Hello I would be very interested for a scan too if possible! Thank you so mucn

did you reply to the right person? hehe

@telgega can i get a scan please, i feel like something is sucking out energy from me like (parasites) maybe? .And i am tired through out the day from past 3 or 4 days. And i am also lacking all of my concentration on things(feeling lazy as hell), Now today i am getting headache too.
Well it can be the virus but lol it feel like something is watching me for the past 10 days in my room . So, i am not sure of what is happening but sure a scan can help.