Offering during demonic magical work

I really want to offer blood but I have always been afraid of sepsis…
Can I use my seed as offering?


Blood, “seed” and other sexual fluids, flowers, food and drinks, art, etc can all be used as offerings.

Might be nice to ask whatever spirit your working with on what they would want particularly for an offering.

Depends on the demon(s) you’re working with. Some like it, some don’t.

If you use a diabetic lancet and wash your hands prior and use an alcohol swab before and after there’s about a 1 in a million chance of getting an infection. It’s a wound that closes almost immediately. put a bandaid on for an hour if you want to be extra cautious…but, not even the Red Cross dies after they test your hemoglobin levels prior to donating blood.


“Faint heart never won a fair lady.”


Does it not distract my focus on the magical working?

Not at all, I treat it as part of my ritual if it includes blood…. Which isn’t very often anyway.

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It depends of the spirit actually, some of them like blood and/or seed, some of them prefer other kind of stuff. If you can communicate with them i should ask, otherwise there’s a lt of threads here about different spirits that talk about what they like.
As @anon8398376 pointed out, a diabetic lancet is a good option, in general I’m not good with pain but I’ve found it pretty useful when it comes to offer blood.

The only thing i would point out is that I’ve read that the ideal is making the offerings when the work is done and not before or in the process (if you’re working to get something specific). Although I’m not 100% sure about this but I’ve read that a couple of times in some threads


I have no problem with pain. I want to offer my blood but I’m just to afraid of the risk of sepsis to do it.

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Lancets are good then. They are use in fingers and regeneration is good in that place. You wouldn’t have the amount to draw a sigil unless you use all your fingers, but good enough to give it as an offering

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Absolutely right, that’s how fast your finger tips stop bleeding, which is why the risk of infection is so low. Lots on the LHP add drops of blood overtime to bottles of ink though.

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Oooh but isn’t that too slow? Considering blood separate in the two primary elements with time?. I’ve seen some that use a syringe to get blood into recipients just like when you have a blood test, it stills had a low probability to get an infection (at least less than cutting yourself with your kitchen knife), but you have to learn to do it or you could cause a mess in your arm thought

Drawing blood from a vein is risky, especially by yourself, there’s a lot to it, including the tourniquet, needle angle, vein selection, when a phlebotomist does it they use their second hand to anchor the vein so it doesn’t roll etc.

I’ve had training to stick someone with an IV in the military and I still wouldn’t want to by myself.

You can use whatever

Or nothing at all

Pretty personal to you what you decide imo

One persons gonna tell you one entity likes this, another’s gonna tell you it doesn’t

I’d be more focused on tackling your fear of sepsis than if any entity won’t answer you if you don’t offer blood

I personally don’t. I’m an ex self harmer and it’s a dangerous road for me that I don’t think any entity with my best interests in mind will require of me to work with them (at this point in my own journey)

However I realise you said you wanted to - so yeah find a way to safely overcome that fear