Of Lilith and Naamah which is First goddess to start

Dear i am planning to work on lilith and naamah on after another not simultaneous . . But of these which is one the first one to work with. I head Lilith is only for experience magician and naamah is for beginners. Is it true ?

I say fuck it and give it a shot. The invocation of certain beings that requires adept skill isn’t necessary — just be ready and take it very serious.

When I first started, I was interested in Lilith and Lucifer but I have never worked with them PROPERLY. Lilith is the bewildering, dark feminine aspect — when you ignite her energy
within, it is explosive and she is very wild.

I suggest Lilith and to come back here with post a detailed report on the experience :slight_smile:

If you are starting a pahtworking through the Tree of Qliphoth, you should start with Naamah, since she’s the ruler of the Nahemoth / Lilith Qliphoth.

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