Ode to selene

Hello i was wondering if anyone else has tried the ode to selene it is a prayer the goddess of the moon mother to all vampires i wish to know of peoples experiences I myself have done it i have no idea if it worked but ever since i do not feel the same my energy levels are on a whole other level than from before i have so much more control now too i feel like ive only tapped at what im truly capable of like limitations are slowly slipping farther and farther back but i will now tell of my experience of right after doing the ode to selene. It was a warm October night right after doing it i had walked home with my friend who had done it with me after he had gotten home i had started to walk alone when my chest started and a feeling of being watched like a penetrating gaze but i could see no one around i had slowly walked to home to see if i could see anyone but i had got home and nothing seemed to happen untill i had got to my fathers house a few days later it is out of town so no neighbors are close close and the house happens to be old so you can here everything in the house and even around the house outside if you really listen in so for the next few weeks there had been strange noises banging outside and voices and birds would fly straight into the window once a day for 3 days that is the omen of death but also omen of change but later that night after the third bird had crashed into the window i had gone to sleep and i thought this was a dream but it felt so real so in the dream i had woke up and looked outside to see our outside light but then there was a loud banging on the door so i had turned to look but the door was already wide open and standing infront of me was a shadowy figure with red eyes i had turned around but that’s when he had grabbed me pulled my hair back and bite me on my forehead(that might explain the pain i have in that spot ever since that night)but i had blacked out and when i came too i was woozy from loosing blood but was being dragged/carried then there was an older man with red eyes asking me what my vampire name is I believe it was vesh then after i was brought through this room the whole way down it looked kind of like a cave or a mine there was a group of people dressed very fancy like a masquerade with mask and all watching a lady be electrocuted then i was put onto a chair and was told by the older vampire from before that I might not survive this and was given two rod type things one for each hand i had closed my eyes and it started to shock and i had black out and when i woke up i was back at home no bite marks but my hands still felt like they had been shocked this dream happened 4 months ago so i am starting to believe it wasn’t a dream I haven’t had blood so mabee that is why my body feels so weak and shakey. If anyone else has done this and had a similar experience please reply.


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Will do thank you, I apologize i am new here and still trying to figure things out