Odd Recurring Dream

So I’ve been getting these dreams where I eventually kill someone and sever the head.
Sometimes there are more than one victim.
That’s not the terrifying part though,
Yeah maybe a little gruesome but not scary.
The terrifying part is dealing with the paranoia and the madness of performing a violent act like that and wondering if you’ve been found out.
The violence part of the dreams are brief but going through the whole “who done it?” Scenario is what is truly maddening and terrifying.

Also always with the severed head part.
Is that symbolic of something?

I know in the movie Hereditary they depicted several corpses with missing heads.
They also depicted Paimon as the antagonist.
Probably just movie fiction misrepresenting Paimon.

Other than that I got nothing.

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https://psychologenie.com/what-do-dreams-about-killing-someone-mean :slight_smile: Just some psychological notes for you.

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If you watched a movie recently with that symbology it’s probably lifted from that, and you’re right to think it’s symbolic of something else.

I’d say where the strong emotions are is where it’s at… Look into what you could be feeling guilty about that you want to have kept a secret, from, something that involves maybe taking someone else’s decisions to shutting down an organisation, having to fire or reprimand employees… there’s a lot of things it could be.