Odd question

But do sex/love goddesses have any kinks or fetishes? Particularly Lilith and her sisters?

Don’t answer if you don’t feel comfortable.

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Pull on the nipple rings but not too hard

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Not sure about her sisters, except Naamah.

From my experience…
Go HARD :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Like…“fuck her like this is the last time you’ll see a woman in this lifetime or the next” type hard


I tried :joy:
Almost got cursed for flirting with her a little to hard
But I woke up oddly satisfied later :rofl:

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Passes baton to the next Chap :ok_hand::love_you_gesture:

So do I ask? Do I offer? Do I wait for her to ask? Or do I just do?


I laugh because I had similar questions. Work on your sexual Energy. After a point, there is no asking. You will know what to do.

This also relies on your own fetishes as well.
I like big tits.

I play with them automatically.

See what I mean? No asking necessary.

Now of course, ASK BEFORE YOU JUST GO SLAPPING HER TITS AND SHIT! But once you get the green light, go for it


What if I want her to pursue me

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Work on your sexual energy

Moved to sex category.

BDSM requires CONSENT. Ask before ‘playing with her tits’ too. Might be ok from Micah - doesn’t mean any of it is ok from you - you have different energy. If you want her to dom you, ask her, not us. Use your words and communicate.

BTW, some people are dysphoric about various bits of their bodies, some people have been abused and you have no idea what will piss them off because of history you don’t know about. communicate and if they won’t talk about it, don’t so it until they grow up and learn to do so.

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Yes… Butts are Fascinating…:star_struck:

I’d obviously ask for consent. I don’t know her, and she is a goddess.

And, yeah I’m aware of people who are abused. I have a friend like that. However, I don’t see how that relates to the subject matter. This isn’t about humans. It’s about goddesses who hold domain over sexuality and are comfortable with themselves.

Man… this is a thing that I think I should work at some point in my life. I always had a lot of curiosity about this “sex with entities” and “succubus” stuff, but I don’t have the necessary knowledge to reach that point yet. Also, I have a girl and I if I have to stop any sexual interactions for a long time to increase my sexual energy in order to get used to this practice, it’ll be a problem. lol

But I always love this talking and I always looking for this shit. I’m very curious about it. It sounds really cool and really crazy stuff at the same time! lol

Although I didn’t reach that point yet, I do believe that consent is mandatory! It’ll be a problem to be pursued by any entity (especially Lilith) for the wrong reasons! :rofl: