Occult studies bachelor at university

Are there any occult studies courses at universities preferably in the UK, maybe London?


Are there any specific areas you’re looking for?

I don’t wanna give you just some random Courses.

I have had a coven sister use The imperial College London which she ran alongside a history degree.

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Just Occult studies, and magick, I wasn’t able to find it on Google, do you need me to be more specific?

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It was just whether or not you wanted it to be more practical or theory based?

I find being specific in your search like nature/Celtic witchcraft, demonology, tarot skills etc

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Idk a little of everything, maybe more towards angels

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I may be wrong but you’re unlikely to find much practical application, most of it would be strictly academic, like the history of magic culturally. Maybe something under anthropology or history.

More “the X people of Z country believed this” and less “ok class, now take out your athame and draw an invoking pentacle of fire”.


A top tip don’t search Angels and universities together as there is an actual university called holy angel university.

Of course I’m not endorsing these sites but it might help you narrow down your search by finding out what’s on offer and matching them up with your goals.

Another top tip would be once you’ve explored them online is to click their social media links, reviews tend to be more honest on them.



My university colleague said the majority of courses are all run online unless they are outdoor courses, However they won’t run until restrictions are lifted.

Most likely in your undergrad it will be more of a study under the umbrella of something broad, like history or theology, like we do in the sciences. There will be classes that focus on different fields under the umbrella. Then, as you go through to grad school the fields will split and narrow to something more specific. You can study under the umbrella of theology but write your thesis on something specific, like angelology or the occult throughout history. Strictly academic.

Like others have said, there’s also the online option for courses. One of the colleges in Canada offers this course:

Magic, Science and the Occult: from Antiquity to Postmodernity

The ‘scientific revolution’ is ordinarily construed as the triumph of reason over superstition, of science over sorcery. This course argues that the rhetoric of ‘enlightenment’ conceals a deep continuity between Modern science and the occult traditions of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The prototype of the experimental scientist is the Faustian magus. We investigate the role of Hermeticism, magic and the occult in the scientific revolution and the persistence of these esoteric currents in later movements, from German Naturphilosophie to Jungian psychology.

Edit: Here’s another course delivered online from Imperial College London

Spellbound: A Social History of Magic


I would have to say (and few others have mentioned this already) the only classes in actual universities you’ll find will explore things like the history/etc.

They definitely won’t be teaching you how to do magick. Would be interesting if you could get a bachelor’s in “chaos magick, and warding!”. Lol


The Centre of excellence is where I am getting my a herbalism degree so I can be an herbalist in the UK if I want one day :joy:. They have a ton of courses in Magick and mythology. I am actually going to take more once I finish herbalism and I have the Wiccan course too. They were dirt cheap on Groupon :joy:


If there is, I’m saving up for tuition. :grinning:

i found this but this is more on the philosophical side
Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysic and Metaphysical Science (universityofsedona.com)

draws a demon bunny and evoke lady Eva @Lady_Eva


Why? Lol

I think she’s from the UK so I assumed she’d have an input lol

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These are pretty reputable, but it’s not a university as such:

These two groups do pretty reputable (meaning tame, but substantial) trainings in core shamanism:

It’s not angels, but the methods can be adapted, I think the Sacred Trust do some kind of certification as well, but again not like mainstream higher education.


Ahh yes

Thanks a lot to you and everyone else!

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Try Exeter University

Magic and Esotericism at the University of Exeter

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Is this the same Exeter uni where JK Rowling graduated from?