Occult Seduction Group Ritual: New Moon this coming Friday May 19th 2023: Get Your Crush

Magick works better when two or more gather and do the same magick at the same time.

So in another thread today Carl Nagel’s name came up, and I happen to have his book Demonic Sexual Magick.

In that book, is the Occult Seduction Ritual, which coincidentally is to be performed on a Friday on a New Moon… and it just so happens there’s one of those coming up THIS COMING FRIDAY.

What are the odds!? :smiley: (Well, there won’t be another this year, there’s 2 next year; I checked.)

So right, ok, let’s do this.

This is for those with a specific target in mind. Anyone who wants to get an ex back, attract their crush, rekindle passion in an existing relationship, anything with one named person.

We will involve the spirit Asmoday / Asdmodeus, sometimes called the Lord of Lust. You must join the ritual in two parts:

  1. For a half hour during the week, meditate on Asmoday and visualise the results you want manifesting
  2. At midnight in your timezone, physically perform the ritual. I will provide all detailed instructions in a group PM

A Circle of Power will be created between the mages multiplying the effects, and it must not be broken by interruptions. This is a participants only, no spectators ritual. Sorry but NO “I’m just watching”. If you cannot perform the ritual in person this isn’t your thing. However, performing it in an astral temple is fine.

I’m doing this midnight Eastern Time this coming Friday come Hell or High Water. Join me as you WIll. Reply below to be invited to the Group PM.

Hail Asmoday!


(sorry. haha I get carried away ^_^) What I meant to say is…yes, please.


First! Alright alright! :smiley: Give me a few to work up the PM and get that sent that out. Let the games begin lol


I’ll give it a shot. PM me the details.


I’m interested, I’d like to join in to!

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I’m interested, I’d like to join too!


I think this must be a sign. I was meditating with Asmodeus yesterday and I asked him for my crush and for more lust in my life and I think he brought us all together through this ritual.

Coincidentally, the name of the woman I want is Sarah and it was said that in the book of tobit, Asmodeus once loved a woman named Sarah so much, he killed 7 men for her. I worked with other spirits before, and the magick worked well but I’m still really interested in trying this out.

By any chance could we perform this ritual for multiple targets?


One question, when you mention Friday midnight. Do we perform the ritual Thursday midnight or at Friday midnight. For example, if we were to perform it on the midnight of thursday it would be considered friday and if we were to perform it on friday it would be saturday.


From a traditional standpoint, a specific day doesn’t end until the sun rises again so you would perform the ritual at midnight on Friday because it doesn’t actually become Saturday until sunrise (the planetary hours for any given day are generally split into 12 day and 12 night hrs, for example).

However, what matters in the case of the OP is when the New Moon is in the sky, not the particular hour the ritual is performed.


Im in. Can one also use this for strenghten permanently ones Charisma and sexual prowess?, Or is it just for attracting a person because i dont really have a crush(s) i am too cold for the time being, i am on black magical monk mode building my empire.

Thank you @Mulberry for providing us this opurtunity though

Hail lord Asmoday!
Ave Rex Asmodeus!


Can you advise what (if any) tools will be needed? Just if there are things people need to get ahead of time or may not be able to get or use it would be great to know early.

Also, as you are leading process, does it matter then if some of us end up performing our rituals before you due to timezone differences? For example, when I have my friday midnight, it will be 7am friday morning in your timezone

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@Mulberry I would like to participate.
Thank you!


Ok, so I’ve had a look at the moon data for my geographic location- here the new moon appears just before 4am on the saturday. So should I do it on satuday morning rather than midnight? Or am I just over complicating things?

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As I mentioned above, traditionally, the new day started at sunrise, not at midnight, so what is important is doing the ritual during the New Moon. If you were going by planetary hours, for example, 4 AM would still be considered Friday (and if you go by modern conventional time keeping, midnight would no longer be Friday as it’s considered the literal midpoint between AM and PM, with the new day starting at 1201.).

The OP does not say the ritual has to be done at midnight, however, only that they themselves are doing the ritual at that time. What’s important, in my opinion, is the moon phase. In my neck of the woods, for example, the New Moon will occur at 8: 53 AM on Friday so if I was participating, I’d do my ritual then.

When it comes to astrological timing, though, you can’t always coordinate the day with the moon phase perfectly so I think it is just a matter of choosing which time you feel is best. I think if you did the ritual in the evening on Friday, even if the New Moon hasn’t risen yet, you’d still be fine.

Edit: @Ragepanda I was wrong. The OP does say to do the ritual at midnight in your own time zone. All my blather was for naught! :joy:


It’s just for getting with a target crush. There’s another ritual in the book for becoming generally more sexually attractive, and it can be done at any time.

In this case it’s important that all participants are performing the same magick with the same intention, which is the point of making it a group ritual.

… The effect is not additive it’s magnified: the whole is more than the sum of its parts.


What @DarkestKnight said… midnight Friday.

On midnight Thursday the moon is still a 2% waning cresent, not quite yet a new moon.


Perfekt than dont count me in i will use this time than differently


I’m in too, yes please and thank you :grin:

I’ve searched for his book and see that it’s only available in paperback. Having not read any of his books before, would you say it’s worth getting it in for an overall approach to this ritual?

Also, as you said doing it in the astral is fine, we can do it tool free, in silence and any location? As in tucked up in bed? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok! I’m caught up with the invites. :smiley:

If you’re doing it physically, as opposed to in an astral temple:

  • A black cloth
  • A black candle
  • A red candle
  • A photo of your lover
  • Two small pieces of paper and a pen

The full instructions are in the group PM.

The design of the ritual in the book says “midnight of the new moon”. Not the exact time of the new moon. Screenshots in the group PM.

However, if you wanted a different time and you’re not already in my timezone, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), I would say do it midnight EDT, as that’s when I’ll be doing it and that provides the next best timeslot, so that we’re doing it virtually together.


I would like to join too! If I am allowed of course as I don’t know if new members can join.