Occult/Magick Tiktok (WitchTok)

I got sick of bullshit witches and so called baby witches on TikTok, spreading misinformation on topics like hexing the moon and cursing the fae :joy: so I made an account to clear up the misconceptions and try and actually educate some of the mistaken ones.

If you have an account follow, like and show your amazing support like many of you have done on my Facebook and YouTube page :blush:

Thank you in advanced,


Careful, TikTok is a spyware after all.


I know I’m aware of this :smiley:

After analysis and precautions, I shall proceed as planned, thanks for looking out though :blush:.


I don’t think anyone who regularly uses Tiktok is capable of being educated but good luck :joy:


That was my initial thought :laughing: however cannot judge the masses on the idiocy of the some vs the many.


Well Tiktok has been banned by our govt due to it being spyware. It’s time for Infernals to land in the sick world of those newage witchtokers. Goodluck @C.Kendall :smiling_imp:


I can imagine what those all love and light witches will say when they find your account lmao. I can imagine their triggered faces :rofl::joy:


Most definitely :joy:

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Probably won’t amount to anything, most tiktok is are little girls flirting with adult men and vice versa, any kind of actual information becomes ideologies around sexuality, etc. Most of said ‘baby witches’ are kids trolling and echo-chambering it.


Id pay to see @C.Kendall do a musical beat down version on the baby witchers though :joy: would be epic :smile:


Good for you fighting the good fight. Talk about venturing into the darkness.

I wouldn’t touch tiktok with a bargepole. I like my braincells where they are :joy:


Came across your account the other evening. Happy to see you on there

There’s actually a few legit and true witches getting some traction on there


quote=“Bizarre, post:2, topic:120363, full:true”]
Careful, TikTok is a spyware after all.


If you don’t think most of these ‘United States’ based tech companies & social media platforms wouldn’t sell your information to the same type of people behind Tiktok and more you are laughably nieve. I guess most of you only like getting spied on if a multinational corporation that identifies as 'American or European or Japanese ’ etcetera is making a buck off it. These companies have no real nationalistic or ideological allegiances outside of money and control. Use the tools available to you to get out there and do tge magick, do your will. Or don’t. No one cares if you want to live having not had your voice heard across any platform you might use to amplify your message, be it of subversion or simple dancing videos and lip synching. TikTok is the poison path of social media. The Chinese communists can spy on me driving while getting road head in the next bmw I buy off the new clients I get from TikTok for all I care.

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