Occult dating

Whew! I almost broke a sweat there and started crafting a suicide note and everything. At least
you believe me. Being called a fraud is serious business so I’m still a little heart-broken.

Dude, said short-haired chick will likely want to blow me because I made my magnetism spell too powerful.


Irrelevant subjective opinions of strangers on internet forums are PARAMOUNT to human happiness!

I care! Those who disagree CLEARLY are too IGNORANT to know the degree of SYSTEMATIC MARGINALIZATION they cause with their (am I doing the internet dipshit buzzword thing right? This is hard…)

Plus your grammar is all correct which makes your opinion like 1,000x more valid. Facts level up and get stronger when you use an oxford comma.

I want a good magnetism spell. Got a nice one that’s powerful but I’m curious what you’re using if any


Mainly herbs and essential oils, but you don’t want this; it’s bad news. Plus I had no idea the sigils I’ve cast prior to making my oils worked just fine.

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Most of my sigils hit pretty hard with my approach to them. I’ve got another spell that takes 5 days to complete but it got even the most clueless guy I’ve ever met enough female attention to get me interested in it

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Wuuuuut? Give it to dave. I bet he’ll crush those meetups.

As for me; I’m working on keeping a low profile because I can’t go anywhere without women wanting to jump my bones.


It’s nice to share. My first posts here were about getting my first golden era back. I had 6 girls chasing me and was dating two redheads that couldn’t get enough of me. One joked about being “my Wednesday girl” (and she was sort of right…) She was my favorite one and I actually wanted a relationship with her and then things got a bit nuts on her end… Sweetheart of a woman but not exactly emotionally stable and …well I’m still reeling from that one.

Anyway, I’ve had a handful of eras in my life where i compared my dating life to a part time job and sort of love the feeling as long as I’m getting things done (and damn if I don’t sound like a complete douchebag saying all of this but it’s true and it’s my drug and no I don’t want to stop!)

The spell I’m referring to is in Magickal Seduction by Damon Brand. Spell #3 to be precise. My buddy used it and was getting girls flocking to him at the gym left and right. In his delightful aspergersness that we all love him for he had zero idea the girls were aggressively hitting on him but it worked well enough that I journaled about it myself.


I would probably try being ready for the right one then raising your tantric kundalini to try to bring them into your life.

Fetlife is pretty okay, I may go back there one day.

And I dunno I am probably not very easy right now but I am into magick and I insist on poly. :wink:


This is the 3rd time he has come up today, I think I will have to look him up now.


His entire order is outstanding. I’m a student of their works and can’t endorse them enough

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One things I will have to say is people may change their religious and spiritual beliefs over time. In fact, its probably a given. Heck, I was an atheist briefly in high school. At one point I tried to be a hard core Catholic too. (although it didn’t do anything for me spiritually, faith got me through rough times, even though it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and I didn’t actually feel any better practicing it, in fact I felt worse.)
So, say you find the perfect occultist partner. They might do something, decide its too scary and not for them, and become some kind of fundamentalist christian. On the other hand, someone may convert to a more esoteric outlook on religion. I’m not really sure that you should base a relationship on that. I think its generally more important to figure out what your non-occult goals are, and find someone who aligns with that.


This is the same reason why I don’t have tattoos. People change. All relationships are temporary so I don’t lock myself into just one. I love having multiple women so in case one throws a fit at my crib I can boot her out, tell her to get fucked, and then go get tacos (because tacos are good), and then go sleep with someone else instead of having needless drama all night.

It’s better to sleep with someone else than to sleep on the couch because they caused an issue they want to be mad about. If you’re a low drama person poly is AWESOME! Just vet people really well because more variables = more potential for problems.


POF and Tinder are pieces of shit! They are just ways for prostitutes and “golddiggers” to find clients.

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I’ve pulled from both, though both platforms have been on their decline for years now. Tinder is now for the top 5% or so of attractive dudes to sleep with the top 30% of attractive girls. The rest are scams or what you said.

That’s the issue with today’s sexual economy. “Sugar Daddy game” is becoming more and more mainstream and it’s pathetic.

I don’t see the point behind buying someone’s affection with dinners and gifts. If there’s no charge behind the interaction I don’t want it


Tbh I don’t know if I would date someone in the occult, you mess up with a girl who isn’t in the occult and she may break up with you. You mess up with a girl in the occult and she may use magick to ruin your life :joy:


Lol :joy::joy::joy:
It is way safer to stay with the mundane girls :joy:


Even if you do everything right by them…

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Yeah you just can’t win. God forbid you blink the wrong way; brace yourself to be under a volley of erectile dysfunction curses. @deathreeper @Norski

Not that I would know anything about that. :eyes:


Well you could try these I guess:

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Story time?

I find it absolutely amazing that the kneejerk response online is to assume people are speaking in absolutes whenever someone is talking in generalities about their own experiences. That one blows my mind entirely.

This forum is pretty well conducted yet some people still like to pick fights over nothing on occasion. I don’t get it


Do you guys with your modern harem ever worry about STDS? There are good reasons they used to keep the harem under lock and key.

I rather keep my energies on my projects on making money and power instead of worthless sex.

Hopefully, you are wrapping it up each and every time. And using sex to empower your life instead of cheap low grade sex.

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