Occult Based Tv Shows

I’m not much a Tv watcher but when I do watch it, I only watch mainly occult based shows and a few adult based raunchy cartoons. So I don’t pay for cable, complete waste of money when there’s only a few shows I watch each year and I have to wait until every fall for new episodes so I just get Netflix so I can watch exactly what I want, for a way cheaper cost, and not have to deal with annoying commercials.

Can anyone recommend some good occult based tv shows for me? U.S. or Canadian English speaking shows. I just learned that Supernatural season 10 is not gonna be on Netflix until probably mid Oct. this year and season 10 of Trailer Park Boys is not going to air until 2016 (not occult based but I love it anyway). I am currently watching old episodes of Charmed rewatching old episodes plus finishing the seasons I never got to watch on Tv several years ago but I only have 2-1/2 seasons left of that.

A few years back I really got into the Secret Circle and recently got into the Witches of East End but no surprise, the damn shows were cancelled due to low watch ratings. I am getting really bored with Being Human and quickly losing interest for it, the Walking Dead got boring a few seasons ago so I have not caught up on that one either. I saw a few others that looked good but I checked before watching this time and they are cancelled too so not gonna waste my time if I can’t even see the ending because the show was cancelled (The 100 and Salem).

So anyone know of any good shows to keep me entertained for a while, or at least until Oct. when Supernatural season 10 is on Netflix? Anything about witches, magick, and the paranormal preferably, but as a second choice ghosts, psychic stuff, Sci Fi and vampire shows will do too. Really tired of the zombie and werewolf stuff. I am so bored I am about to go back and watch the old Roswell episodes. I was hoping for a show and not a movie, so I can have something to look forward to every few days. I also stopped watching American Horror Story when I learned the cast and story line changes every season.

I just like watching these shows and seeing their ideas on the occult and the supernatural. Gives me new mythological creatures to research and inspires me for future art projects and such. I will also take some recommendations for adult cartoons out of desperation. I am super pissed that Netflix did not renew their contract with South Park so I haven’t seen the last 2 seasons because they removed them from instant play before I could get to them.


I know this post doesn’t seem directly magick related, but even when I want to leave the real world for a bit and watch some fake Tv, I still like to stick to occult and paranormal based stuff. I just always end up hearing about new legends and myths which I love to research for their heritage and incorporate them into my art and writing.

Check out the television show “Salem” on WGN. I don’t watch much television myself, but I make an exception for this program. Of course a good deal of it is Hollywood writers doing what they do best and taking liberties with history and the reality of the subject, still it’s damn good. Certainly better than a lot of other programs dealing with the occult.


Right off the top of my head, “Penny Dreadful”, which just ended it’s second season a few weeks ago, and might be on Netflix. Millennium, which was a Chris Carter (The X Files) show that unfortunately only ran three seasons, but was quite good. It’s more esoteric Christianity than occult, but cool premise. Then for something lighter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, movie and series are both good, but the last couple of seasons, Joss Whedon decided to start introducing “relevant social themes” into the show, and it turns from lighthearted to taking itself a tad bit too seriously. The spin-off, Angel, is also good. If you want to see a young David Duchovny in drag, Twin Peaks is awesome. He was only in a few episodes, though. For something sci-fi, can’t beat Dr. Who, either the original series, or the current reboot. Given time, I could think of more, I’m sure, and you may have already seen some of these.


True Detective first season if you haven’t seen it. It has an occult theme. Most most excellent. Best shit I’ve watched in years. Avoid the second season, has nothing to do with the first.

! No longer available



I was very interested in Salem but I heard it was cancelled, saw several articles about it. There is a good movie I plan to watch, Netflix exclusive, called The sense or something like that. I have it saved to my watch list but it’s about these people that switch bodies and have to communicate telekenetically to tells the others what to do in their daily lives while in each other’s bodies.


I just read the third season of Salem had been confirmed. Hmmmm. Hope not. American Horror Story is pretty good too, but it’s all over the map. Season 4 (or 5?) Should be out real soon too.

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Not a very occult show,but I loved the show ‘‘Forever’’,with Ioan Gruffudd and Alana de la Garza(among other people).It’s about Dr Henry Morgan,a NYPD ME who can’t die because of some ancient curse that he can’t explain that happened when he got killed on a slave ship in the late 18th century.His not dying extends to physical death too,because each time he dies he reforms naked in a body of water.So,along with a few friendly figures,he helps the NYPD solve homicides while he studies death in order to learn more on his condition and how it may be healed.Also,he lives in an antique shop with his sixty-year-old son.

Not very occult based,but a suggestion to help pass the time.

I’m not sure if it’s on netflix but I would recommend watching Hannibal season 1 and 2 if you’re into Jungian psychology. Imo, there’s more to this show than meets the eye. It can be seen as the hero’s journey through the underworld and the trials and tribulations that the main character (Will) must face in order to integrate his ego with his shadow. Each killer in season one corresponds with a qliphothic sphere or grade of initiation on Will’s journey through the underworld or 11 hells and Hannibal can be seen as the omnipotent (perfect predatory being) serpent/trickster/guide who’s helping Will realize his own godhood.

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Occult wise, “Constantine” is probably the best show out there so far.


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I really like occult, magic and spiritual themed movies or tv-shows, even if there are few resemblances to my own experiences.

Supernatural is one favorite. “Dean” and “Sam” is pretty cool characters, but “Crowley” is the one that makes the show interesting. Antidogmatic, were most other shows with similar themes fails. But I am pretty disappointed that the show haven’t had the likes of “succubus” or “incubus” yet. Too controversial?

Sleepy Hollow is another favorite. The Four Horsemen is the main theme there, and the main antagonist is Moloch.

Grimm is pretty interesting, too.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Some of these I have seen but others I have only heard of. Will do some searching on Netflix later today and see which of these strike my interests. And I do like dectective based shows for passing the time too.

Are you referring to the tv-show Sense8? I’ve seen the first season and it’s quite fascinating. It had a slow start to introduce the characters, but the more episodes I saw, the more interesting it got. Their abilities resemblance astraltravel, even if the show never suggest it. I think you will like it!

The best tv show that fits this description is called, A HAUNTING which originally aired on The Discovery channel but now airs On Destination America.

Yes Succupedia, I thought it was actually called Sense 8 but a part of my mind kept telling me I was getting the title mixed up with Stephen King’s Super 8 movie. I saw previews on youtube, looks awesome and since you said it was a show and not a movie, I am even more interested now.

And Darrin, I LOVE A Haunting but I wondered where it went to. It disappeared from its usual channel and I was mad because I had not seen all the episodes yet. I love the narrators voice, he gives me the creepy chills and really sets the mood. I think that show by far, is actually the eeriest paranormal show out there. It used to be on Netflix along with Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures but they removed it and the other two shows are still there but they only have a compilation of the top favorited episodes which is also upsetting because I never got to finish the last few seasons of those 2 either. A Haunting has the same feel as Unsolved Mysteries.

yeah you have to get direct tv dish.to get destination America.but I own all the seasons of a haunting on dvd. I just bought season seven on dvd and it was great. other shows that are awesome, when ghosts attack,paranormal witness.

There are two movies with the title “Super 8” and King haven’t written any of them, but Steven Spielberg have produced one of these movies. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I highly recommend “Sense8”. :slight_smile:

There are two movies with the title “Super 8” and King haven’t written any of them, but Steven Spielberg have produced one of these movies. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I highly recommend “Sense8”. :)[/quote]

See what I mean, I am getting titles mixed up today which is why I did not trust myself when I thought it was Sense 8. I completely meant to say Spielberg. Well my mom has a stack of Stephen King novels on her table beside the couch, so I must have been thinking of those too. LOL. I was sitting on the couch when I posted that this morning.

American Horror Story’s 3rd season centered around a coven of witches. I hear they also had a season that centered around demonic possession.

Sorry, can’t be of much help as I don’t watch a lot of TV. However if you are into comics then The New X-Men run by Grant Morrison (especially the Phoenix Saga) is steeped in esoteric undertones.